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  1. I withdraw my request, because the problem has been clarified. The cause was probably that a WFH module (wisefs64.sys) was no longer marked as autostart. Klaus
  2. Hello, when trying to start WFH on Win10, I get the message: "The driver could not be loaded. Restart the computer ...". Restarting the computer results in the same message, as does reinstalling WFH. What could I try? Best thanks. Klaus
  3. Thank you very much for your offer. I think I first should study the WFH online help. Perhaps I should have done this before asking the Forum.
  4. Hello and thanks for your hints. It looks as I should first learn how the features of WFH are used properly. Klaus
  5. Hey, Excuse for my faulty choice of the word 'instance' above. What I wanted to say: with every Open-Unhide a new copy of Windows-Explorer is opened. So: if, for example, one task of Windows Explorer already exists and then I make for two WFH entries Open-Unhide, then afterwards there exist a total of 3 Windows Explorer tasks. Klaus
  6. Hello again, 1, Thanks so far. A little bit annoying is, that every WFH entry for which is made Open-Unhide, starts a new Explorer instance. So, with three WFH entries there will be three new separate Explorer instances. 2, Still I was not sucessful to retrieve my directories / files of the USB stick, but I work on it ... Klaus
  7. Hello, 1, Exactly, the reason is that I normally have always opened a file manager (before I start working with WFH), so I do not need Windows Explorer in addition. 2, When I opened WFH after migrating to V4.14.151, two entries were displayed, one on the hard disk (eg D:/Folder1) and one on an USB stick that was not plugged in at this time (eg /Folder2, without drive letter). Unfortunately, I then made both entries Open-Unhide (admitted: that was not very smart). Thereupon, both entries disappeared in WFH. To the files of Folder1 on the hard disk I can access, but Folder2 and its files remain disappeared, both in WFH as on the associated USB stick. 3, Additional question: How can it happen that WFH displays a folder on an USB stick, which is not plugged in (see question 2)? Thanks in advance Klaus
  8. Thank you for the answers. I have not dealt up to now with the encryption function of WFH, I will make up immediately. Two questions of my last Sunday posting remained unanswered: can I prevent Windows Explorer from being opened automatically after using Open-Unhide and for me more importantly: is there any chance to get back the disappeared folder and the files on the USB stick? Thanks Klaus
  9. Hello, I run WiseFolderHider Free on Windows10. After migrating to V4.14.151, the main window showed me two entries: one directory on my hard disk including drive letter (D:\Folder1), another directory on a USB drive, that was not plugged in, without drive letter (\Folder2). Why directories are displayed that are physically inaccessible? After clicking Open-Unhide for both entries, \Folder2 disappeared. After that, Windows Explorer was opened automatically showing D:\Folder1. Why Windows Explorer is opened automatically? I prefer other File Manager tools. But: Folder2 remains disappeared, both in WiseFolderHider, as well as in Windows Explorer or other File Manager tools. How do I get back Folder2 and its files? After hiding Folder 1 again, it is no longer displayed in Windows Explorer, but in TotalCommander (version 9), the folder is shown and the names of all files within Folder1, even though the option 'Do not show hidden files' is set. But after all, the displayed file names can not be opened (error message). The same happens with file managers MultiCommander and FileZilla. Does this 'works as designed' or is it a bug with TotolCommander, MultiCommander, FileZilla or WiseFolderHider? Thanks for help and answers. Klaus
  10. Sorry for my yesterday post. Today I can answer my question myself: today everything runs like expected. No idea what was going on yesterday. I had tried it several times without success but today everything is OK. I do not know why it happened yesterday. But I assume that the problems will not appear anymore. Again thank you very much. kk
  11. Hallo, I'm using Wise Folder Hider 3.39 with Windows 10. Since a long time, on this system I hide/unhide a folder stored on USB-stick.I need the unhidden files on an isolated system running Windows XP (this system is required because of an old application that is not developed further on). Today WFH does not show the hidden of USB-stick folder anymore, neither on Win 10 nor on Win XP. My questions: what did I do wrong and what can I do to see my folder again? When using WDR for the hidden folder it shows me 'lost' (most files), 'very poor' (few files) and 'good' (again few files), but all those 'good' files have zero bytes size. In addition, I should say that neither Win 10 nor Win XP has been updated in the last months. In advance thank you for any help. kk
  12. Thank you very much for the realization, that was exactly what I had in mind. Klaus
  13. Input to the Login-Window After displaying the login window it would be nice if the program automatically positions the cursor in the password input field. Klaus
  14. I am very sorry. It was my own fault. Everything is perfect. This entry can be deleted. Klaus
  15. I'm using WFH Free 3.31.139 with Windows 8.1 . After hiding a folder, this folder and all files within this folder are shown under TotalCommander 8.51 . Moreover, the folder can also be seen using Windows Explorer. I'm sure that this problem didn't arise under WinXP. So, where is my mistake? Thank you for any help. Klaus
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