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  1. Background - I've been using WFH portable v3.1.2.87 for a while now on Win7 with no issues. The Windows 10 Home upgrade happened and all good, no issues with that. But, since the upgrade to Win10 the same password I've used on WFH says its now invalid - huh?!?! A few Emails back and forth with the support guys, it was like 4 or 5 days for them to get back to me... SLA's? yeah right, it took a chase up Email for them to finally get back to me. Anyway, their support said get the latest version, but there is no longer a portable version on the site. Emails back and forth...bla, bla... then I'm told to install the the new version (the full install version, not portable) which I have and still the password still says invalid. So I try to uninstall it and to hell with it, but the uninstall says unhide the folders first...really!! shesh. I recovered the docs using WDR, but still left with these hidden folders and want to reclaim the space now and finally uninstall WFH for good. Any thoughts guys?
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