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  1. yes, I tried uninstalled and reinstall, but same thing still happens.
  2. every time when I click wise care 365, two same windows will open, and also an error message keep showing.
  3. thank you, yes, I did the clean boot, but still got the same error.
  4. thank you so much, I've tried to upgrade my graphic driver to the latest version, and also disabled the Kaspersky Total Security, but when I tried to defrag registry again, still the same thing happened, I still got the same error.
  5. thank you so much for helping me, I do understand how to do , here is the error message, please see below.
  6. thanks. I don't know how to find the error message, I clicked the WiseRegCleaner.exe, and the WiseRegCleaner windows shows up, but I didn't see any error message. and I was trying to upload the WiseRegCleaner.exe , but it says I don't have permission to upload this kind of file.
  7. thank you very much for helping me, I've tried to do the registry defrag by using the two old version that your provided, but I got the same error.
  8. thanks, yes,I had used the old version of wise care 365 to do the registry defrag few month ago, it worked well, and I tried to use the wise registry cleaner early this morning, but I got the same error. same thing happened.
  9. it's ok, I installed Kaspersky total security.
  10. sorry, I forgot to mention that the OS version is home. the system is full retail version, I purchased it from Microsoft.
  11. Thanks very much, my PC is a desktop computer, the system is Microsoft windows 8.1 64 bit. here is the hardware details :
  12. Hello, when I was trying to use the Registry Defrag and after I click analyze, and an error massage will shows up, anyone who knows how to figure out this problem? thank you.
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