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  1. ok thanks, i've solved with the second solution, and i restored successfully almost an half of the removed files. I had no restore points so i had to use a restore program. Thank you for the answer and the help! Have a nice day, Kind regards.
  2. Hello, today i experienced a problem with one of the latest updates of wise disk cleaner. I flagged the option "browser downloaded files" on windows system and all the 52gb of file i had in my download folder are disappeared. I need thos files there are all the work i've done in the last month. I supposed that the option "browser downloaded files" was only to remove the list of downloaded files and not the files!! So now i have my 52gb of files erased and not in the recycle bin. How can i recover them? i really need them for my work. Please someone help me. I have another question: Th
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