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  1. Yes ! WPU is working ! The first time , WPU has crashed with an error but the second time he started . Now i can uninstall programs easily ! Thanks for your support ! (you can release this version ;-) )
  2. I have to do the export of .reg files too ? logs are not present in the folder you indicate ...
  3. Same than Tip-Top ... My boot is cleaned and only System, Avast, Nvidia, and Logitech (my mouse). (Spybot too) But with the old version, I was starting this programs on boot and WPU was working well !
  4. Hello I'm using the Windows firewall and Avast! Free Antivirus
  5. Hello ! Thanks to you Wise for your consideration but there is no change ... The program still turn in the void indefinitely and i'm forced to use the task manager to close it ... If you need any other information, you know how to contact us ... Good luck
  6. Hello Guys ! Sorry to make my return a lot of time after the beginning of this topic but nothing has changed ... My computer is now on W10 (and it's great) but Wise Program Uninstaller still turn in the void ... I can't find any log file in all folders whit WPU Tag and that's not cool ... I don't know why WPU is not working ! My computer is from begining of 2015 so he's not old ! Now he's on W10 ... So ... someone can do an update to implement logs ? Or give any information about he's localization if they are actually existing ??? Thank you
  7. Hello ! I have used Wise Program Uninstaller a lot when i need uninstall something, but now i have a problem ... When I start WPU it stay indefinitely on "collecting informations about programs on your computer"... I hope you can do something for me because i really need this program ! Thanks to you ! PS: If there is Logs to send, say to me where i can find them !
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