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  1. Any Bugs in Version 365 (4.25.410). Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Drives Bug: Mainboard Bug 1: Mainboard Bug 2: Soundcard False Info And any translation fails in the German Translation. That i do fix later and load it up here
  2. I can not test it. I have no older version of WC365 :-/ My System is Win 7 Enterprise x64
  3. BootTime.exe File Version: WiseBootBooster.exe:
  4. And another problem with Version 4.23. This message popup at irregular intervals. And although my PC has been around for hours.
  5. Hi, i have found a new old bug. I can not see Boottime :-/
  6. I have found a bug. I can not see seconds after boot. See Attach File. Wise Care 365 - 3.9.3. Pro Windows 7 Enterprise X64
  7. I found a language mistake. The text in the german language file is not correct. See attached image. The original english file say: NeedClean=Extensive use of computer generated a lot of junk files. The german file say: NeedClean=Ihr Computer arbeitet, um viele Junk-Dateien für Sie zu erstellen. WTH? My computer works to create a lot Junk-Files for me? But i need no Junk-Files :-/ The correct translation is: NeedClean=Die umfangreiche Verwendung des Computers generiert eine Menge an Junk-Dateien. PS: Merry X-Mas to everyone
  8. Thank you. Yes. Its version I have another one. Under Network Adapter..... Oper Status = Operation Status?
  9. I found some bugs. Take a look to Screenshots. I'm just going to translate the program into the German language. Some things I'm not sure what they are intended to mean. For what stand CSD? What u mean with "Registered Org" ? Org for Organisation? Graphic Card Activity Percent 0. - Means Graphic Card activity in Percent (%) ? Engine Clock is GPU Clock? PS: This list is not Up to date: http://www.wisecleaner.com/language.html
  10. Etwas besser geworden: Positiv: - Die Suche nach bestimmten Elementen ist nun möglich. Ich sehe ihr habt meinen Rat beherzigt. - Die Laufwerke sind nun gezielt auswählbar. Auch das finde ich gut. - Nach wie vor sehr schnell beim suchen. Negativ: - Ein Doppelklick öffnet (immernoch) nicht direkt die Datei mit dem von Windows festgelegten Programm, sondern man muss erst das passende Programm auswählen. Umständlich und nervig! Stattdessen sollte im Kontextmenü per Rechtsklick die Option "Öffnen mit.." dafür verfügbar sein. - Datei Typ Icons fehlen. Das macht die Ansicht unübersichtlic
  11. One more Game for you S.k.i.l.l - Special Force 2 Path: Start in: Programme (x86)/Gameforge/Skill/Games/DEU_deu/S.K.I.L.L Target: Programme (x86)/Gameforge/Skill/Games/DEU_deu/S.K.I.L.L/Binaries/Win32/sf2.exe The game start with GameforgeLive. And can be startet over GameforgeLive. Path to GameforceLive: Start in; Programme (x86)/Gameforge/Skill/Games/DEU_deu/S.K.I.L.L Target: Programme (x86)/Gameforge/Skill/Games/DEU_deu/S.K.I.L.L/GameforgeLive.exe Gamelink: http://de.skill.gameforge.com/ Picture: http://www.bilderhoster.net/k1kyb2wz.png.html
  12. Bug? I have one Process with high CPU usage. Thats Firefox. I set Firefox to Exclude. But still I see the message that Firefox uses the most power. Is this normal? PS: U have a message in Facebook (German Translation Fix)
  13. First, the Bugs: *I have no WOW Game!! *What is Shift? I have no Game with this Name. (Edit: i found this shift.exe. Its a Gimp Plugin: LiberKey\Apps\GIMP\App\GIMP\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins\shift.exe) *GNU Image Manipulation Program is an Gimp Plugin, not a game (Liberkey App) Negativ: I can not see in the "Game Information" window the complete path to the game. pls change this And Now, my Games: Blackshot: Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\eFusion\BlackShot\Patcher.exe" Start in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\eFusion\Blackshot\system" Patcher.exe is only the Update Pa
  14. Das könnte ein Fehler im Kontext-Menü-Handler sein. Dieser Fehler wird etwa durch Drittanbieter-Menüs verursacht wie etwa "Scan mit Norton" oder "Öffnen mit 7-Zip etc. Das Problem läßt sich entweder über die Registry beheben, was ich aber eher versierten PC-Nutzern empfehle oder mit einen kleinen Tool. Schritt 1: Lade dir dieses Tool herunter und entpacke es in einen Ordner.: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.zip Schritt 2: Nach dem Start sucht das Programm nach allen Shell-Einträgen in der Registry und zeigt einen detailierte Liste aller Einträge. Schritt 3: Sortiere durch
  15. Test this: http://support.microsoft.com/mats/windows_update/en And check your Windows-Time and Date!!
  16. Test this: http://support.microsoft.com/mats/windows_firewall_diagnostic/en And this: http://support.microsoft.com/mats/ie_performance_and_safety/en Any improvements?
  17. Same too. This Entry does not exist in my list. This will help? http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-performance/help-and-support-was-not-able-to-start/0d8df025-4375-44cb-87bb-d455b2096b6d Or this http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=91
  18. This could be a heat problem. If the temperature is too high to activate the emergency stop. If you are gifted craft open the door where the fan is. Remove with a brush or vacuum the dirt. Good luck
  19. i mean Is any plugin or addon. U can search this addon to fix it or.... The fastest way to fix this is a reinstall of your Firefox. Backup your private Settings (Bookmarks, Passwords, Safed Pages etc.) with this Tool: http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/ , without Extensions, Cache and Cookies if possible. Then uninstall Firefox with all Settings, Caches etc. Install a new Firefox and restore your safed Data with mozbackup.
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