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  1. I wonder how to thoroughly uninstall WFH inclusive password. I've uninstalled WFH then installed a new version and WFH takes the password of the former install. So it's still stored somewhere, maybe in the registry?
  2. Just to finish this issue and maybe to help other with similar dilemmas. Though it's kindly a free software there should be a reminder in my view: You will not be able to delete this 4-point-folder if you lose the corresponding version because you've updated (except with linux live dvd hopefully). I've uninstalled the old version then installed the new one. Meanwhile I'd stored several updates of WFH and forgot the initial version-number. In my case the suggested solution to install the latest version did not work.
  3. Thank you so much for your hint. At last I've found the version of my initial install 6 month ago. It was As soon as I've re-installed it, hidden a file, unhidden, the ....-file had vanished. Happy I hadn't to re-install my whole system. Fingers crossed it will not re-appear ....
  4. Hi support, I've tried all your advises within this forum already, nothing helps. I used an older version. Have unhidden all files. Uninstalled WFH. Now I have this persisting annoying 4 point folder "...." which is unable to unlock with all tools I've tried. It's zero bytes. I get an error code or it's locked by another anonymus process. I'm that far to re-install my whole system (windows 7 64) to get rid of this nagging file. So is there a way to delete "...." Thank you in advance
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