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  1. Hi,

    you can make your portable version of lots of programs by using an extractor (you can use Universal Extractor).

    Drag&drop your installer inside the extractor and it will create a portable version of program.


    NB: not all program can be made portable; for some of them you cannot do anything and you have to install them.


    Hope this will help you, I wait suggestion about my "problem" (can you make a portable version of WSM where you can see upload/download speed?).




  2. Hi all,

    I downloaded this software and I tried to make it portable (i.e. use it without installation).

    I achieved my goal, but I'm unable to see upload/download speed and components' temperature: the graphs are empty. Other functionalities (RAM usage and CPU usage) are shown without problems.

    Is possible to create a portable version of this program or I'm forced to install it?


    Thanks for help, regards



    PS: I'm using WSM v1.29 (latest version)

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