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  1. Good evening, I would suggest a feature for WPU: can you add the possibility to uninstall multiple applications (or updates)? I have to uninstall 50 updates and now I have to do it manually for each entry. It would be nice if you can select all entries you want and then the program uninstall them automatically, one by one. Thanks
  2. I confirm that now all is perfect. The program starts correctly every time the system starts. Thanks for your help xilolee, regards Methavas
  3. Hi xilolee, today the program didn't start I checked task scheduler service and i seen that the task was no present in the list; I added it, so I'll see if tomorrow the program starts. Thanks for your help, Methavas
  4. Administrator, thanks for the reply. I'll wait further information about this. Hope to been useful, good work, Methavas
  5. Hi, you can make your portable version of lots of programs by using an extractor (you can use Universal Extractor). Drag&drop your installer inside the extractor and it will create a portable version of program. NB: not all program can be made portable; for some of them you cannot do anything and you have to install them. Hope this will help you, I wait suggestion about my "problem" (can you make a portable version of WSM where you can see upload/download speed?). Regards, Methavas
  6. Hi all, I downloaded this software and I tried to make it portable (i.e. use it without installation). I achieved my goal, but I'm unable to see upload/download speed and components' temperature: the graphs are empty. Other functionalities (RAM usage and CPU usage) are shown without problems. Is possible to create a portable version of this program or I'm forced to install it? Thanks for help, regards Methavas PS: I'm using WSM v1.29 (latest version)
  7. Hi, today it was started with Windows system. I don't know why yesterday I had to start it manually, but now it seems everything is ok. Thanks for reply, cheers Methavas PS: My OS is Winddows 7 64 bit, I downloaded WAS from Wise website.
  8. Hi, I downloaded this software and I found it very useful. Only a question: wisecleaner_admin said that if you set a Daily task, the program will starts with Windows starts; I set daily shutdown but the program didn't start with system and I have to launch it every day. My version is 1.43.71. What's wrong?? Thanks for the attention, Methavas
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