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  1. Well I've tried both versions now and the older version can see my drive too just when I click on it to searvch I get the same error as I'm getting with the new version. I know my Seagate was searchable in the past and other recovery programs and all other Wise programs can see and use my drive. I am completely stumped. Did my information about my drive help at all?
  2. Sorry for the wait. My drive is a Seagate 3TB Expansion Desktop Drive (Model: SRD00F2) I can post the P/N and S/N if that helps. It is USB (either 2 or 3). ALL Wise products can see the drive except for the latest Wise Disk Recovery. I installed a new Motherboard and Harddrive (With new Win 7 Pro installation) on my laptop (with the original Wise Folder Hider on it with ALL of my Hidden files on the Seagate still hidden) Oops! Recuva did an ok job but the most proven way for me in the past was using WDR (which cannot see it) Thanks for trying to help! Eric
  3. I dunno. It says "Congratulations! You have a clean computer! Duration: 1 Second
  4. Sorry for the delay in responding! I downloaded the latest versions (of all 3 Wise products here) and Wise Disk Cleaner and it DOES see my Seagate Drive E: as does Wise Folder Hider. Only Wise Data Recovery cannot see my E: drive (to recoernal.e Extver my lost WFH files). I used Recuva to get back a few but Wise Data Recovery does a much better job of recovering . I've used it successfully in the past! There is no errorlog with Wise Disk Cleaner because it CAN see my Seagatate External Drive. I'm confused still why it used to work and now with the same drive and newest versions it can't!? Thanks for the reponse, Eric
  5. I have the latest version of Wise Data Recovery 3.71.195 and when trying to open my 3 TB Seagate Expansion Desk (External USB Drive) I'm getting "Error: Can not get disk information" I had successfully recovered files lost using Wise Folder Hider with this same drive before. When I upgraded my OS to Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit and had to install a new Asus motherboard. Wise Folder Hider doesn't remember the drive. If I could get Wise Data Recovery to find the }}}} folders/files like before I could rescue 1 TB of hidden data.
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