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  1. Hi Backup is a very good solution used in the program and I'm happy that I can make the position of one so many activities. I wonder what else could that be useful in the functions of the program, and so I think the Wise Uninstaller program has a function of active monitoring of the system and what programs are installed to be able to completely remove them when they are no longer needed? Besides, apart from Backup it was nice to have a sort of "safety-sensitive data in the" if a Folder Hider is another ingredient that gives us a safe deposit box also features would come in handy. It's just my little suggestion as a person. Yours.
  2. I hope that the discussions raised at the forum will not only help solve problems but also to bring ideas on how to further develop and expand the base Wise program. I'm open to any new program proposals as a result of cooperation forumowiczów and employees Wise Cleaner for extension of existing programs and to create something new. I am also open to Beta test new features and programs will be issued before the official versions ready for sale on the Wise. I take already participated in a similar program on a third-party testing and transferring opinion about the Beta versions of the software and it is a very good thing, except that I have the opportunity to purchase these programs so that the pre-procurement costs are less than the final price. All Yours, and I hope that everything will follow you in the right direction for the satisfaction of Total :-)
  3. Super - very useful applet :-) handy portable version would be the most.
  4. Hello everyone I'm new to the forum send greetings from Polish. In my opinion, Wise Care 365 Pro is the best program to optimize your computer and the forum is very useful to share opinions, gain support, answers to questions relating to software, etc. I'm glad I joined the forum Wise Cleaner and communities. Once again, greetings.
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