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  1. If I had seen that message it would not be a coincidence, however I did not so it is not. Thank you tho!
  2. Well I managed to find this menu (see attached), and I have been able to set things back to normal. Thankfully there appears to be no need to put any outside registry files into my computer! I recommend MSCONFIG to anyone who undergoes the same problem. Thanks for all the input.
  3. Agreed. If Wise does not reset them to their original value on uninstall, that also seems like a real problem.
  4. First I tried re-enabling the services via Wise's service menu (with the toggle switches). It did not work, which is when I decided to uninstall Wise. I have also attempted to switch them back on manually via the Windows services list. Fax will turn back on, but is again disabled on reboot. Others, like some of the network services, will not allow me to re-enable at all. Does anyone know where Wise changes these settings in the registry? In the meantime I will look at the Windows 7 tutorial.
  5. Hi - OS: I am running Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium (6.1 Build 7601). Sample of services that were disabled that will not start: A simple examples is - Spotify. I disabled that in an earlier version of Wise. I uninstalled Wise to update to a newer version. Spotify then did not show up on the enable / disable list. More recently, I allowed disabling of recommended services. In attempting to switch them on manually, any time I rebooted they would be switched off again. As mentioned I uninstalled Wise. Given what had happened with Spotify, I'm not sure why I thought that I'd get a different result. It seems clear that uninstalling does not reset or release all changed values. A more recent example on the list that I provided a screenshot of is fax. That was never disabled until I allowed Wise to disable it. No huge loss, but as you can see it is now permanently disabled on reboot. It does allow me to manually re-enable via the processes list. Other examples like this are: * the .net services listed as stopped * the Google update services listed as stopped * Windows CardSpace * NetTcpPortSharing * RemoteRegistry (probably safer this way but still) * RichVideo * SharedAccess * SkypeUpdate * Adobe Acrobat update service Wise Records: Given that I have uninstalled Wise, will I be able to refer to these? If not (which I'm guessing is the case), can I re-enable the services manually elsewhere? Thanks everyone for your help. :-)
  6. Hi, thanks for the response. After having services turned off one way or the other, I am unable to turn them back on. In trying to undo that issue, I removed Wise Care. Now the services truly appear to be permanently disabled. Judging from your screen shot, you're saying I need to buy the Pro version to turn them back on? :-\
  7. It was from Wise Boot Booster, which is part of Wise Care 365. When I had the program automatically try to make a faster boot time, Wise Care 365 disabled some services. When I tried to re-enable the services, they would not return back to being enabled. When I uninstalled Wise Care 365, the services remained disabled, including some critical networking services. Please see the attached screen shot. I realize that your program is free of charge, and I appreciate that very much. However, if your program makes changes to my system, uninstalling your program should reverse any of the changes made.
  8. Boot booster did speed up my system start time, however some of the system processes that it shut down would not come back on even when I manually switched them on. I went ahead and uninstalled Wise Care 365, however the settings remained. Nothing that was switched off was changed back. This has caused some problems, including not being able to log on to the network at the local library, etc. Can I get some assistance in changing these settings back please?
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