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  1. Any reason why this has not been resolved? If I can recall correctly, this feedback has been provided by many users since W365 was released in June and the developers have not provided a solution as yet. I use the portable version and as a result, I run W365 for occasional use only - I do not need W365 to run continuously in the background. I have everything unchecked in settings, including - "Execute at Windows Startup", "Run Bootup Booster", "Run Wise Turbo Weekly", etc. Unfortunately, there is no option in settings to "Exit the application completely from System Tray". Its not only nuisance to close down W365 completely by having to access the system tray, but it also defeats the purpose of having a portable version. As a result, I prefer to continue using version 2.99 until a solution is made available. Dear Wise Developers - Please consider providing a simple option in "settings" which allows you to chose whether to continuously run WiseTray.exe in the system tray (notification area). A simple option with a checkbox such as "Shutdown Wise from System Tray when exiting application" should not be too difficult to achieve. Are there any plans to design such a feature into W365 anytime soon? Or are the developers not interested in implementing this feature? Please advise. Thank You
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