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  1. Any other suggestion on resolving this issue? I did a test. Created another folder, put a few files in it and hid it using the rightclick menu. Once again the folder dissapeared without a trace! Has anyone found a solution for this bug yet?
  2. I am not angry, I am devistated by the loss of 15 years of precious memories that I can not replace.! I hope you are able to understand that. WDR does not work, it say " Error: can not get disk information" I wish I could add the picture but this is not allowed in this community.
  3. The referred forum does not have a solution for my problem. The WDR does not see the folder I made hidden. Did I really pay your company for software that simply destroyed all pictures I've been collecting over the last 15 years with one click?!!!!????? This is horrible!!!!!!!!! Shame on you developers!
  4. Hello, I installed the Wise Folder hider and setup my password. I right- clicked on the folder on one of my drives and picked the option "Hide folder with Wise folder Hider", folder disapeared. I wanted to unhide the folder but I can not see it anymore. I opened Wise Folder Hider, was prompted to enter my password, did it, hoping to see Unhide folder option inside but did not find it. How do I unhide the folder if I cant see it? Thank you in advance.
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