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  1. When I read this post it aroused my curiosity - could I find where the passwords were stored and if so would they be encrypted - the other motive was concern about the security of the program and of course how safe were my hidden files ! Before I continue let me say I have no knowledge of programming or reverse engineering and do not consider myself to be a 'hacker' - but when I use a program which involves protecting personal data I check it out very carefully as most reasonably streetwise people would ! The first password to open the program and show a list of hidden files was easy to find - it was stored as a cypher (which I broke easily) and was very simple to reset. The secondary passwords - to lock down individual files took a little more work but was done using another Wisecare product and were stored as plain-text. My humble opinions (and respectful suggestions); 1. This is a very nice and polished folder hiding program - it hides folders using a method better than any other program I have tested and is perfect to keep files away from casual nosey parkers. 2. If you are hiding a file which is VERY sensitive - then encrypt it first using a password you can NEVER forget. 3. Keep an encrypted backup of hidden files (maybe on a USB stick) using a password you can NEVER forget. (losing family photos is devastating for most people!). 4. I understand Wisecares need to generate income and like to sell the $10 service package - but please don't provide a password retrieval service - when it comes to security there should be no 'back doors' - Hidden files should be automatically encrypted using something like AES 256 and the passwords should not be stored anywhere or be retrievable - Everybody in this day and age knows DON'T FORGET THE PASSWORD - and if you do - don't blame the software of the company that provided it. (#2 above of course would not be needed if the 'back door' was bricked up and encryption implemented.
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