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  1. I am in need of any help for the following problem: I accidently hide my the windows default folder "Videos" in my documents. When I immediately went to unhide the folder I opened the program and entered my password and all looked fine. When I selected the folder in the program dashboard and selected "unhide" it reads "Folder can not be unhidden" Access denied." After trying the suggestions I found online from this site as well as other help posts I am still without resolution. I used wise cleaner and found the files but they are not able to be recovered. I did a system restore to a couple days prior and was able to unhide the folder but nothing is showing in the folder now. I have emailed support twice and have not received a response. I am hoping it is because they are very busy and not because this a known problem for which there is no viable solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated... even if it is to deliver the unfortunate reality that I am not going to be able to recover the files. And if that is the case, how do I delete those files to regain that space on my hard drive? Much thanks, Dave
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