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  1. I updated from 2.99 to 3.11 a few days ago and I have to say I'm gonna go back to 2.99 because this version has some serious problems that make it completely unusable. First off when I start the program it uses all available cpu cycles so its impossible to run any other programs at the same time. I had scheduled autoclean to run on the previous version and it would run and clean everything with no problems, other than leaving the WC365 window open which is annoying. The first time autoclean ran after the upgrade everything came to a grinding halt when WC365 started running it took more than 15 minutes to finish. The next day I thought I'd run it again after booting up the computer to see if it was a recurring problem and ended up stopping the scan after 5 minutes and almost no progress. Even when the program is idle the cpu usage is at 100%. I've run it several more times after booting up but it still does the same thing. I don't care for the fact that when it updated it did not keep the settings from the previous version which I had to change back to the way I wanted them, and I don't like the memory usage pop-up but its easy enough to hide, just click it and tell it to hide. I don't use it because I have another tool I use for that which doesn't try to look cute. Even after clicking the X to close the program it just minimizes to the tray and still uses all available cpu cycles. Its annoying that there is no longer an option to actually close the program instead of minimizing to the tray. I don't care for the new interface, I want a program that does what its supposed to do without trying to look cute. If 2.99 is the last version that will do its job then I guess I'll be looking for another tool to use.
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