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  1. I agree PWT100, but now I don't have a choice about ANYTHING; no exit; no GUI in my taskbar, nothing. IT JUST DOESN'T SHOW UNTIL THE JOB KICKS IN AND START CLEANING. BAD IDEA, WISECARE. VERY BAD IDEA. PLEASE WISECARE 365 SOFTWARE ENGINEERS, give us our options back. I don't care about the new changes, even though I personally DO NOT LIKE THEM. But, I do care that you FORCED my PC TO HOST A MEMORY GADGET on my desktop without my knowledge or consent and then I am unable to EXIT or get it off my desktop. For this reason, I must uninstall WiseCare 365 and share how I feel with those in my email list. Care to refund me my money?
  2. I have Windows 7 and when I rebooted my PC, WiseCare's icon was NOT in the taskbar as it used to be, so I can't turn off or exit anything. I even looked into the Task Manager and it says that "WiseTray" is there in the Processes, but it still does not show up on my desktop taskbar. I think they made this latest version for Windows 8, which I will NEVER install or use, so I may as well go back to the original program as I am not liking this update at all. There is STILL NO WAY to exit the memory gui on the desktop thru ANY PROCESS (TASKBAR MANAGER) OR SERVICES. It only gives me an option HIDE it. I want it GONE as it takes up memory to put it on the desktop, which should be MY DECISION. Understand? I believe your reply to me was probably assuming I had W8. I have W7 and love this O/S and will not change. I would hate to uninstall this app and let the community know the problems I had with it. I just want the old app back.
  3. Actually, I am not used to this new GUI for WiseCare 365 PRO so I am not sure if I like it or not, but I did notice 2 things right away: 1. WiseCare icon no longer displays as an icon in the right-side taskbar. 2. There is now a memory gadget on my desktop, which I do NOT like and NO WAY to exit it. Questions: 1. How do I go back to the original GUI, if I want to (reinstall original product???) 2. How to shut down the Memory gui from the desktop and how to place the app's gui on the taskbar? I wish I had known you were going to change the structure of your software or I would have said NO. I am not liking this change so far. Maybe you should give your purchasers a CHOICE? Maybe I missed that part, so if I did, my apologies. So, can you answer my questions? Thanks!
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