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  1. Hi, Don't worry if you have hidden your IMPORTANT DATA, that you want to recover at any cost, so first of all you don't have to pay a single penny from your pocket. Now if you have installed new OS , then still you can get your data. Follow the steps below exactly and carefully : 1.) Download WinRar (which is free to download and use) 2.) Install WinRar in Your system. 3.) After successfully installing winrar, Open Winrar and follow these sub steps : a.) open WinRar b.) Go to "Command" Tab c.) Under the command tab list choose "view file" d.) choose the drive to view files ( hidden files) 4.) Now you will see a folder name in dotted like this --> "...." . open this folder 5.) now follow this path and keep open the folders to reach to your Data Files "..../00000/..../hidefolder/hide/" 6.) Now you have reached to your data files path and select your files or folder whatever you had hidden by wise folder hider, select your files or press ctrl+a to select all files 7.) now right click on selected files and choose "Add files to archive" 8.) a window will open, you dont have to change the settings, leave it as it is, browse to the folder where you want to extract your locked data and save it by any name Note: it will get saved in rar extension file format, later you can access your files using winrar to extract your rar files 9.) The End, Hi5 you have collected your locked data. email me if you want more help [email protected] with the subject "HELP". Thank You Guys I hope You would like my trick.
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