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  1. well thanks really and appreciate your concern and help, but i found another solution maybe it helps other who had the same issue ,i simply installed the wise folder hider in the new windows and made the same password,for some how i was able to find all my files back in WFH without any problems and i was able to access them without any issue or recovery. hope that this will helps any one got the same problem ,and once again thanks admin for your help
  2. helllo,fist i want to thank you for this grate program,but ATM I've tried what you said about the recovery and yet nothing is recovered,i facing a real problem here as i was using the Wise Folder Hider ,but i had to install a new windows ,and now i can't see or access the files which is urgent for me ,tried many times the solution of using the recovery and nothing is shown up,i can see the files by the recovery tool but i can't neither recover them or access them..appreciate your soonest reply
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