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  1. I can open Your Website with IE and Proxy activated, but I cannot Update using LiveUpdate on the new Version 8.06.576 My IE uses the WPAD Protocol & Proxy-Auto-Config and normally Needs Proxy-Authentication, execpt IE with "Integrated Windows Authentication". There is no static Info of Server and Port that Wise Cleaner could read. This could be the Problem. I will test it - with static Entries... Don't work too... Thanks
  2. I Knew, In Other Words - WHICH PORT Live Update is Wise Cleaner using ???? Then I can Open the Firewall (not on my Computer - is a Router) for this Port ! OR How can I configure Wise Cleaner to Use a Proxy ??? Then i can configure Wise Cleaner to use a Proxy-Server (not my Computer - is a Proxy-Server) I Need One of them! Thanks
  3. Hello, what is the Port of the LiveUpdate Process, oder how can i set a Proxy Port to update with LiveUpdate? LiveUpdate don't work behind my Firewall... Thanks Ritchy
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