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  1. Unfortunately, I'm not tech-savvy enough to know what an SSD drive is. How can I find out if my C drive is an SSD drive? I have been using Wise Cleaner for some time now, and had no problem with earlier versions. It was only after upgrading to 8 Beta that it would not recognize my C drive. This includes uninstalling 8 Beta and installing the official version 8 when it was released.
  2. When I run the defragmenting program in Wise Disk Cleaner 8.06.576, it defrags my E drive with no problem, but it seems to be ignoring my C drive completely. (Yes, I have both C and E drives checked on the options!). It analyzes and optimizes E drive, and says it's "analyzing" C drive, but nothing is actually happening on C drive -- analysis remains at 0% indefinitely. I've tried running a defrag only (no optimization) on C drive; I've tried running the program (defrag alone and defrag and optimize) on C drive only (no E drive); I've even uninstalled Wise Disk Cleaner and reinstalled a fresh copy of it -- nothing has helped so far. I think this started with 8 Beta, and I've hoped that each update would solve the issue, but so far, they haven't. Any thoughts?
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