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  1. Hello, I can not somehow wait for the reply on my additional question. Did it causes some problem? Many greetings, Serenator
  2. Yeah... I already did this! If he still wanted me to answer my additional question, I would be grateful Many greetings, Serenator
  3. Hello Admin, I am sentences that you should restore Backup function in ver. 3.13. She does not disturb anyone and who will want he her will use. Thank you very much I have still the additional question. Accessible windows are information about: Junk files, Registry error, Traces counted, Privacy records and Tuneup count. Is there the possibility of cleaning up these data? Many greetings, Serenator
  4. Welcome, In 3.11 version in the upper right corner of general window Wise Care 365 were the buttons: Backup, Restore, Themes, Menu, Minimize, Maximize and Close. In current 3.12 version is no Backup button and Menu button was change name on Custom. My question is: what is happened? Were is Backup button? Many greetings, Serenator
  5. Hello Admin, I have not any trouble with this change. Thanks so much Many greetings, Serenator
  6. Hello, Is the possibility change of the temperature individuals from Fahrenheit on Celsius? How do this? Best regards, Serenator
  7. Hey, I understand! I do not want to know details I asked generally only, if some new functions would be... Today I checked and downloaded new update Wise Care 365, ver. 2.95 to ver. 2.96. Something new? Best regards, Serenator
  8. Hello Admin, Can you write generally if some new functions will be introduced? Will this be only improvement of working Wise Care 365? Best regards, Serenator
  9. Hello, The first my question is: I download the latest free version of Wise Care 365. I have problem with "Wise Tools" section. Active and correctly works is Wise Memory Optimizer only. All remaining applications eg. Wise Data Recovery or Wise Auto Shutdown are not active and do not work. Why? Could you help me, please? And the cecond question... I chose Polish language version interface but "Wise Tools" section is not translated into Polish language. All messages and icons name of application they are in English language only. Is it possibility to translate them and as to do this? Thank you very much! Best regards, Serenator
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