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  1. ^ I installed the new WC 365 on a different PC than this, and I can't find Wise Memory Optimizer was it removed, also please state all "catches" I'm not your regular "don't know any technology joe"
  2. Thank god I was able to fix it as of now I installed everything here except for those that are updates for the programming softwares like Express, Professional, Premium, Ultimate, Test Professional http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2019667 before those my Photoshop showed an error too IIRC 0x00007 not sure about the number of zeroes, but when I searched it its still about microsoft visual C++ 2010 after installing 2010 it got it fixed, then I saw 2012, then I installed it too just for what the heck, when I opened Photoshop again it opened way faster. Anyways, I'm grateful for your concern, the only few sites that I would remember w/ fast replies
  3. Nope negative, I don't download that bloated software. Thank you for your concern. Edit: I'm not sure if this would help but, even w/ that error I can still use Wisecare, you just have to close that Error Dialog 5x (literally I have to click close the window 5 times, it doesn't look there are 5 in the taskbar)
  4. When I open WiseCare365 (tried w/ and w/out admin rights), and click "System Cleaner" this error appears, Disclaimer: I had uninstalled it 5x already w/ RESTART on each uninstall, and another restart again AFTER install. I already have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Redistributable but still install it cause other sites suggested it, and mostly it would not install cause I have the latest version of that, and I just updated all things just now as in just NOW, and I can understand the most complex technical instructions I have installing, tweaking, cracking softwares for 10+ years now but never have ever countered a problem like this even w/ the same solution in more than 5 sites already. no choice but to try to the software owner.
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