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  1. The latest version 2.12.90 still has the same problem as the previous ones: it can only be run in a Windows user account that has administrator privileges, it will not work in limited user accounts. Can you change the installation procedure so you can choose to make it available to all users on that machine, as many other utility programs do? Not being able to use it in a Windows limited account is EXTREMELY annoying, as that requires having to frequently either switch accounts or go through extra steps in the limited account to run the program as Administrator
  2. A couple problems with a new installation. It searches well enough, but: 1. The menu box for selecting the hard drives to search does not work unless the user is logged into a Windows account with administrator privileges. It does not function at all if the user is logged into a limited account, thus rendering this program completely non-functional there. I suggest that the installer should be changed to give the choice of enabling access for all users or just the administrator, a feature found in many other program installers. 2. Next, the drop-down menu for selecting which hard drives to search does not function correctly if there are more than 8 hard drive partitions to display: - for example, with 10 partitions and one external USB drive, it only shows 8 initially, and when the mouse is used to pull down the slider bar it will at first display the rest but then when the left mouse button is released the menu snaps up to only displaying 8 drive letters again. The left mouse button has to held continuously in order to display the last ones. It's kind of annoying - can this be fixed? 3. By default all drives are selected for searching. It's tedious to go through the list and uncheck the ones I do not want to search, so in my opinion it would be better if all were unchecked at startup, and then the ones selected are remembered the next time the program is started.
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