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  1. Use a restore point to go back to before the problem.


    Since you gave no real info about your problem, Maybe your understanding of computer problems is very limited.


    In that case, maybe a restore to factory settings would be best.


    Or maybe not.


    The more info you provide the better.

    Especially by posting screenshots of your problems. :)


    You have to help us with GOOD information about your problems before we can help you. 

  2. Have you tried running these commands in an elevated command prompt.

    They take a while to finish.

    Dism sticks on 20% for a long time & suddenly finishes.


    Run sfc /scannow first.

    Then Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth .

    Then restart & run sfc /scannow again.


    Post back with results. :)

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