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  1. garioch7's post in Font changes in Google Chrome was marked as the answer   
    Your problem   could   be related to the latest Windows Updates, issued a week or so ago.  You should manually check for further Windows updates to see if there are any.  If not, then you should Google Windows Update and font changes.  You will get some hits, for example:
    Hope this helps.  Have a great day.
  2. garioch7's post in [Solved - Win7 sp1 x64] APS Daemon.exe error MSVCR80 was marked as the answer   
    Hello BillyPennsbrother:
    Welcome to the Wise Care Forum.  Sounds to me like you just upgraded your iTunes to the latest version.  I spent five hours getting the problems created by the failed install solved.  Essentially, you have to thoroughly remove all Apple software from your computer and then start reinstalling your Apple apps.  If you google the missing file name (which is not missing by the way), you will see that the Apple Support Forums are full of complaints about this "malware" update.  This is not a Windows problem.  It appears that the iTunes uninstaller for the version being updated deregisters its Mobile App Support Service before stopping it and that causes huge problems.  There is an uninstall order to be followed, which did not work for me.  I wound having to uninstall and reinstall all Apple software on my wife's computer and now everything is working fine.
    Hope this helps.  Let us know how you make out.  Have a great day.
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