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  1. Hm. No I haven't. Wherein does he recommend that? There was only "Profile1" (I assumed that was something there by default...probably should read more about that.), which I disabled. I'm not choosing between profiles, no. But I didn't install a Linux distro for dual-boot quite a long time ago (which I honestly never use). But as I'd stated, there's been no issue with 365's warning until the 2.91 update. But that also coincided with a day I did other updates of various other programs, which may have included a security update for XP. So, I don't know... lol It's been two days now and Terminal Services remains stopped thankfully (though it still insists on being set to Automatic).
  2. No error message. Terminal Services was started and set to automatic. I could have sworn long ago I set it to disabled (because I have so many services set as per Black Viper's XP services tweaks). I disabled it, rebooted and it was started again and set to automatic again. I did some searching and reading and eventually found I had to go to Terminal Services > Properties > Log on tab > select the hardware profile and click the disable button. After reboot, Terminal Services was once again set to Automatic (?!!?!?) but was, in fact, stopped. I tried Manual, but on the next reboot is was set to Automatic again. But the service itself is still stopped. Wise Care 365 is now giving the all clear, but I can't figure out why Terminal Services keeps setting itself back to Automatic. ??? It's possible that some software's updater is trying to turn it on, but I'm not sure. I do find it odd that Wise Care 365 started warning me about this only a handful of days ago and never had before... I wish I had more info... Perhaps what I have found so far can help with Wise Care 365's ability to handle this (if it's of any concern, etc.).
  3. Hello! I've been using Wise Care 365 Free for over a year and have it installed on two machines: a XP Pro SP3 desktop and a Win 7 SP1 laptop. I've encountered no issues until this and I'm generally happy and impressed with the software. Thanks for that by the way. Though I'm not certain, with my recent update of the latest build a handful of days ago, the 365 install on my XP machine began to give me warnings of: "Remote Desktop Connection is alive". I allow Wise Care to correct the supposed issue but if I reboot and scan again the same warning returns. I have all Remote desktop stuff disabled in Services. Imagining it may be malware, I scanned with both Avast! and MalwareBytes' AntiMalware in safe mode and otherwise. Neither found any issues whatsoever. I've checked and re-checked my Services, checked things by way of msconfig, checked the Remote tap on the properties of My Computer. Everything indicates Remote Desktop is not active. This issue is not present when I scan my Win 7 laptop. Any suggestions, etc.?
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