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  1. Hi April It's great to hear you already have one in the queue. You are quite welcome The ideas regularly comes flying and lands in my head Now you shall not stress yourselves in these warm days, but it's nice that you are working on the case It has been a relaxing holiday with few chores until now. One gotta be careful not stress more than necessary I'll write you a PM.... JP
  2. Hi Now I'm back on track with a new proposal regarding this perhaps future program. Hope it falls into your flavor I've added blue text with explanation ... Regards JP
  3. Hi Wise I had not really thought about it before now, but I get no weather information... Could it be that I live in the 'wrong' time zone or is there a solution? A shot in the dark: Could you put a time zone selection into the product? J.P
  4. Hi donis23 Try uninstalling your WC365 with WPU or (Portable version - directly) and then restart the PC and reinstall WC365.(Directly - a referral from April ) If that does not help, there is probably somebody who can provide another solution J.P
  5. Hi anyone I think that Wise should create array of a product. Read further and see what I had in mind I may as well be honest regarding the logo. (jpg + gif) I opted for a pre-made logo from the ​​program AAA Logo and then I have removed / added a little here and there. With the colored circles I had it in a thought: Each color has its function. (Keep it in mind - The colors may Wise decide) Vision Player -The freeversion (+ audio) VisionHD Player - Pay version with more features Vision Converter- (check) Do we need a audio as well? Vision Video Downloader (check) Vision Burner - (Well.. It says it self, right?) Vision Maker - All in one-package...(The name alone embraces all products) What do you think about my crazy idea? (Please have it in mind, it's a long time process..) Have a terrific weekend to all of you who are interested, and of course to the Wise Group J.P
  6. Hi Wise guys Is it not advisable to create a category called: Video Suite? Best Regards J.P
  7. Have A Nice Day! ;)

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