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  1. I did some checking when Paint.net 3.51 was installed on Windows 8.1 a while back. There was update to Paint.net 4.0.0, then 4.0.1, then 4.0.2 and 4.0.3. But looking at both Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems there a difference. But still the newer version was overlapped 3.5.1. So it seems all this time 3.5.1 with 4.0.3 update. So when Wise Care 365 Pro 3.2.3 did it's PC Health Scan something got corrupted in registry or like the photo's have shown the app was missing files. So now I've correct the issue and this should be a problem again, but if anyone still has Paint.net 3.5.1 on their system and they did a update on Windows 8.1 for that program. And runs this version of wise might run into the same issue.
  2. Well not my opinion it's the facts of the CPU is really labeled as APU handling both CPU and GPU on SoC. It's a 4 core, 2 compute, and 4 threads, the issue is that Windows is seeing it as 2 core because it's not reading the 4 cores. The APU in running 4 cores, 2 computes and 4 threads. Now I have two systems here using APU here. One is dual core and this one quad core. What I had found out is that dual core shows 2 cores 0 compute and 2 threads. So Windows and Wise is only picking up the 2 computes and not picking up the 4 cores, it's reading the 2 computes as the cores. As you know 4 integer cores so it is a quad core cpu. it has 2 core modules for computing, it has 4 separate integer cores. But Windows is processor as 2 physical and 4 logical is for the purposes of thread dispatch to each core. When possible, it is more practical to dispatch threads to each module first, then to the separate cores on those modules, as there is less contention for shared resources. APU was produce after Windows 7 was release so unless Microsoft WEI (Windows Experience Index) but with newer programs like CPU-Z and Speccy show the correct number of cores. Anyway hey good to learn why things don't show the correct cores. This ends this now.. Take care..
  3. Let me explain. After using the newest update to Wise Care 365 Pro 3.2.3, Paint.net 4.0.3 64-bit under Windows 8.1 will not start. I have provided some pictures showing the current state of Paint.net 4.0.3. Even after Paint.net attempts to repair the issue it can't. So whatever Wise Care 365 Pro 3.2.3 removed or corrupted after a cleaning (do not this only effects Windows 8.1 64-bit and it doesn't effect Windows 7 64-bit) Paint.net will not load. To fix this issue is to remove Paint.net 4.0.3 off the PC and restore with a fresh copy. Sure you could try to restore from Wise Care 365 Pro, but Paint.net 4.0.3 repair had detected an issue and was allowed to try to repair the problem. So now a NULL (Zero divide overflow issue) has appeared after you tried to start the app. So the best course of action is to remove the app (uninstall it) Clean up any left registry issues. Install a full version of Paint.net 4.0.3 on the Windows 8.1 64-bit PC to fix the issue. I am not doing a full System Restore in Windows 8.1 which is unnecessary for one app that is now corrupted. Do note since Paint.net 4.0.3 was corrupted I couldn't use it to create these attachments. I had to use MSPAINT.EXE under Windows 8.1 to create the file and finish up the editing under Windows 7 version of Paint.net 4.0.3 which doesn't seem to be effected after the Wise Care 365 Pro 3.2.3 Cleaning.
  4. You know me I've tried everything still didn't work (there was no network list nor did is pull any up) something got removed and didn't get restored back So the only way was to run System Restore point from Windows 8.1 everything works as it should. I had ran another Registry Defrag Program and didn't have this issue.
  5. I've narrow those down to daily issues to these System Tuneup. PC Health (daily) under Windows 7 64-bit clearing windows page file to speed up PC Shutdown What's happen apps don't close and the system hangs To fix as to be run as admin every time to shutdown the PC when Wise Care 365 triggers this line Of course now I have disable the above trigger to cause all of this extra over riding.. Run as the Admin taskkill /f /im ccc.exe (amd) taskkill /f /im mom.exe (amd) taskkill /f /im KHALMNPR.exe (logitech) taskkill /f /im setpoint.exe (logitech) taskkill /f /im wmpnetwk.exe (microsoft media network shares) taskkill /f /im wisetray.exe (wise care 365) boost the speed of aero peek display This one above most other programs have this disabled, but why is Wise Care 365 always en enabling it back. This is optional to enable. I don't see much speed boost enabling it. Wise Tray is always running even if I disable it just popup on it's own. This one running on it's own showing up where it shouldn't be. Don't say it's needed for the app to run correctly. Yes I can understand that when the app is running. I expect it to be out of memory when I shut it down on Exit. Still turns up later.
  6. Did you run the System Cleaner - Registry Cleaner (Deep Clean)? This does not work on network drives, network folders nor shared network pc locations. iTunes I have that also but it runs off shared drive on my NAS so Wise Care can't work with P:\C4\itunes network locations so when you save locations with itunes Wise Care Registry Cleaner will remove those key areas from the registry. This should be fix or offered in Wise. Right now use the Wise Restore to restore your issue.
  7. 64-BIT API instead of 32-API or have both options instead of just 32-API.
  8. Might be time to consider moving the wise*32 to wise*64 so those of us on 64-bit system could take advantage of multi-core and multi-task scan at the same time. For the update it works and then it doesn't I too have manually push the update through.
  9. I've been during this since late 70's to current. K6, Cyrix 6x86, 386, 486, Intel with processor speeds. But my question was reporting on the AMD-A8 is true 4 cores. But with all these SoC - CPU/GPU on chip there is where most software CPU analyzers get confused. AMD A8 Series Next Gen CPU with Turbo Boost Specs from AMD CPU-Z Reports Can't care compare Intel CPU with AMD they're not same company product. Intel calls there Next Gen Turbo Boost Tech. Both companies sport all sorts of GHz speeds. Rated 3.4GHz base but also ranges from 3.2GHz to 3.49 with the Turbo Boost. So the Range various. Dual core and Quad core are not the same. My older AMD Phenom X4/X64 9850 2.5GHz Black Edition Southbridge just as fast on the AMD A8 Net Gen Turbo are. Anyway software CPU/GPU detection software should be able to see the CPU as 4 core if Windows does. Still why other software does it because they are programmed to support CPU features like Next Gen Turbo Cores. Everything that doesn't will just show CPU as Single or Dual Core.
  10. No that's not what I saying. Not to clean network folders or drives, but if you save a file on them the Registry Cleaner doesn't support files saved on network drives letters so the location of them in the registry will removed by wise care then. So that issue is for file allocations then. So Wise Care only for supports the local PC file allocations.
  11. When Privacy icons doesn't animate while processing also hangs-up doing cleaning of an issue. The module for Privacy also hangs even longer.. See the attachments
  12. Network Share Drive Letters. If I save a file to my network shared drive letter it shows up as issue under WC v3.2.2 but this is on going. Is Wise Care products supported network shared drives, folders and files. I don't save anything to my C: everything goes to the NAS (network attached storage devices) I mapped drives and folders access. Example I save file on drive P and V3.2.2 reads it as issue as it said there is no such drive letter under Registry Cleaner.
  13. Just ran Wise Care 365 V3.2.2 on Windows 8.1 64-bit and did Registry Defrag. All looked good until Windows 8.1 booted-up there was a red tag on the Network Icon. Reads NO CONNECTION Under PC Setup there is no options for NETWORKS only one Add VPN and that's it. Under Metro UI Settings Network (none) Network None to View There is no option to revert back. Under Registry for NetworkList Profiles in there are entries marked in red. I did a look in MediaList but all are marked in RED and the system won't let me change anything in there even as Admin. There is internet connection I was able to connect to Home Network Shares and Face Book for example. But I couldn't change Network Name nor Description Name. Like it can't read the network I am on. Locked into Private. So now I have to do a SYSTEM RESTORE Last restored point is 8/18/2014 So now issue is fixed.. But whatever you do don't run WCv3.2.2 Registry De-Frag on Windows 8.1 until it gets fixed, otherwise you'll have to do a SYSTEM RESTORE as the Registry gets corrupted! Note: Ran also on Windows 7 64-bit no issues.
  14. I had spotted this showing my system only has 2 cores which is has 4 cores. Showing only 3.2 GHz for both Min/Max. Should Min 3.4 GHz and Max with Turbo Boost is 3.7 GHz.
  15. Make sure your using Genuine Versions of Windows otherwise Microsoft has prior updates to detect non-genuine versions and they will not be updated! Also if you have Genuine version you need to manually down load them and install them yourself and see if they will update your system.
  16. Best to use Wise Care 365 Pro to clean your system. CCleaner doesn't clean the system completely.
  17. Disable hibernation use the control panel to search for the work hibernation. Use this link from Microsoft to get what you need to disable and re-enable hibernation. https://support.microsoft.com/kb/920730
  18. Did you try another browser to see if you go the same results?
  19. Flag in the system tray has a red mark, you should take care of that. LAN is off line too. Other than that. What does Wise Care say for Start-up apps your loading. Look under Startup Manager. Your system system is 4GB. Try using MicroSDHC Class 4 or 10 with 16GB. Then activate Ready Boost to help your system performance. If you can add additional 4GB to bring that i3 up to 8GB would be a lot better. How large is C: originally? Those other drive letters did you partition your C: into other drives letters? Download Super Anti-Spyware and run a Complete Scan on your system
  20. Add this one was missed also today.. Windows8.1RegistryDetail-CleanupMissedbyWC322.txt
  21. What last did you scan for pest? What last did you do a chkdsk c: /f Which backup software are you using? What comes with Windows?
  22. I've added the English version to your message above in quote so I can understand what you are saying in your own type and for you to understand me I've added Russian translation of what I've type... Wise developer needs to run Wise Care on Russian Test PC and see how it installs and functions. That's what I would do as a programmer/developer that's what I am also. Got to test the program out on all various PCs. See how it installs and updates if it works right. Plus Windows 7 and 8 are much different than XP because, with 7 and 8 they made it differently to handle other regions. Я добавил английскую версию на Ваше сообщение выше в цитате поэтому я могу понять, что вы говорите в вашем собственном типа и для вас, чтобы понять меня, я добавил русский перевод того, что я типа ... Мудрый разработчик должен запустить Wise Care на российском Test ПК и посмотреть, как он устанавливает и функции. Это то, что я хотел бы сделать в качестве программиста / разработчика, это то, что я тоже. Получил протестировать программу на всех различных ПК. Посмотрите, как это устанавливает и обновления, если он работает правильно. Плюс Windows 7 и 8 значительно отличается от XP, потому что, с 7 и 8, они сделали это по-разному обрабатывать другие регионы.
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