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  1. Hi! Sometimes when I can't remove stubborn software or have other issues I can solve them in Safe Mode. This was a tip given me by someone from Revo Uninstaller. The other day some icons had turned ugly, and I tried to get them back to looking as they should using Wise PC 1StAid. But no luck. So I tried with Wise PC 1StAid in Safe Mode, and bingo!
  2. Hi! I've enjoyed utilizing Wise Care 365 Free for quite some time, and am very pleased with it. I have some questions about Bootup Booster: I assume it boosts up bootup speed, yet I'm not sure it does that on my notebook. Sometime ago the fastest time it gave in the pupup was around 40 seconds, but that was only for a short time. It showed a passenger jet. But then it became a car, then a bike, and now it's showing a snail and 144 seconds: As is visible the bootup is not yet complete, as the red Avira Icon still shows a white closed umbrella, which opens later, and there is still a blue circle on the Network "stairs" next to the speaker icon. So actual bootup time is a few minutes longer than indicated by the popup. Also, it says "Can't access weather information", and from the above posts I now understand it's possible to have something about the weather shown. But I don't really need that. I've already checked my Startup Manager, and only have the 2 webcam items turned off (at the bottom of second screen shot) Again, I'm grateful to be able to utilize the various functions, and all for free! (I recommended it to a friend, and she got the paid version.) Yet I wouldn't mind understanding a bit more about it. Otherwise -if not- it's perfectly fine as well as it is.
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