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  1. Apart from the visible modifications adapted, Windows 8.1 raised its existing features to an extent. One of these latest enhancements is the optimized Power management feature. The settings of this feature are molded in such a way that the external devices attached to the PC become irresponsive, if not active for a specified time and it does have a certain reason behind this activity. Each of the modern time’s computing devices is specially designed to optimize its energy consumption. Microsoft has ensured to comply with this contemporary requisite in its latest version of operating syste
  2. The Internet’s down, everybody panic! If you’ve ever said that, out loud, maybe it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare for outages. Web-based services are awesome, but largely impossible to use if your Internet connection goes down. You should plan to be ready next time. With a little preparation, even people who use web apps for just about everything can be ready to be reasonably productive during outages. Here are a few things to think about now so you’ll be ready later. Make Cloud Files Available Offline The cloud means all our documents are accessible anywhere with an Interne
  3. System Restore uses restore points to return your system files and settings to an earlier point in time without affecting personal files. Restore points are created automatically every week, and just before significant system events, such as the installation of a program or device driver. You can also create a restore point manually. In this article, I am gonna show you how to create a system restore point manually in Windows 7&8.1. Just follow the steps below: Step 1: Open Control Panel Step 2: Click System and Security--->System Step 3: Now on the left side of the win
  4. The easiest way to restore a Windows computer back to its factory defaults is to simply use the included recovery program to reinstall or recover Windows. This works well in many situations, and you can use this method to completely wipe your computer clean and start from new. But what if you don’t want to wipe your computer clean? If this is the case, you’ll need to use a few specific utilities if you’d like to clean up your computer to return it to a near-new state. This method isn’t always quicker than reinstalling Windows, but it’s often preferable if you don’t want to worry about losing
  5. Have you tried system restore? First get yourself into the safe mode on windows.. turn on or restart your PC. Just before the Windows 7 logo screen "starting windows" appears, press the F8 key to enter Advanced Boot Options.. Choose "safe mode" If your harddisk C drive is full or near full.. you may want to transfer some of the files out or delete the unnecessary ones.. to allow more room for windows to function.. Once you enter windows in its safe mode, run the system restore, either: 1. Open the Start Menu, type rstrui.exe in the search box, and press Enter. OR 2. Open the Start
  6. When moving to a new Windows system, either after getting a new computer or reinstalling Windows, you may be tempted to copy a program’s folder to your new system just like you’d copy your files. But this normally won’t work. Some programs — games especially — do allow you to copy their folders over and run the program. Other programs specifically designed to be “portable apps” will also be able to do this. Why Do Programs Require Installation? When you install a program on Windows, it appears to only install to a specific folder, generally under Program Files. For example, Apple’s iTune
  7. Everybody always tells you to make sure that you are backing up your PC, but what does that really mean? And what files do you actually need to backup? Today we’ll walk you through the basics of backing up your PC, what you should back up, and why. Of course, these rules won’t fit every scenario, so you’ll need to use a little common sense—think about what is most important to you on your PC, and make sure that you’ve figured out how to backup those files. The All-Important Rule of Backups The primary principle of backing up your data is that any important data should exist in two or more ph
  8. Please tell us more details so that we can determine whether it is virus or your PC needs to be optimized or something else. Looking forward to your reply.
  9. Method 1: I would suggest you to use the below mentioned links and use the troubleshooters present with Media Player and check if it lists any issues – Open Windows Media Player Library troubleshooter - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Open-the-Windows-Media-Player-Library-troubleshooter Open Windows Media Player Settings troubleshooter - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Open-the-Windows-Media-Player-Settings-troubleshooter Method 2: Refer to the following link. Windows Media Player stops responding (hangs) or crashes when you play a playlist Method 3: Rer
  10. Hi, there, I am sorry about what you are going through, apparently, it is not a problem of disabling some pop-up function, it is virus. Since the anti-virus software does not work, you can try to remove the virus manually, try the link below, it will tell you how to do it in details. http://www.wisecleaner.com/think-tank-content-29.html
  11. There are many reasons for slow internet. Follow the instructions below, maybe it can be of help. Method 1 of 4: Optimize your browser Switch to a different browser. Some people use Internet Explorer, which, while a decent browser, does use a lot of resources. Moreover, as web pages become more advanced, the number of processes necessary to load them grows, meaning you’re usually better off with a browser that can be customized to cut back on ads and other non-essentials. Firefox has many extensions that allow for the ability to block elements such as JavaScript, advertisements, Fla
  12. Do you still get the error message after resetting IE8 to Default settings or even reinstalling IE8 ? When you installed other browsers, were there any additional optional ticky boxes which installed other apps with the download ? If any boxes are already ticked and you have be vigilant to see what else is being included in any downloads and untick them first before clicking on Next or Install. then restore to a point prior to its installation to see if that resolves this issue and then reinstall Chrome if you still want it - if the restore resolves the IE8 problem. Resetting to default/r
  13. How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows For Free? Check this video Everyone wants the latest and the fastest, so at the end of it you get stuck with something old, used and slow by today's standards. No, we weren't talking about your wife/husband, we were talking about your computer. So, what do you do with an old computer that you think is slow? Dump it into a garbage can or stow it off on eBay? Nah, here are some creative uses for an old computer. 1. Store your Photos & Music on it Use it like a Photo and Music server. As long as you have plenty of hard disk space you w
  14. How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows For Free? Check this video Now computers are a common fixture in pretty much every household, it's kind of ridiculous to expect everyone to know how to fix them. There are computer guys for that, just like there are mechanics to change the oil in your car. But what I'm about to tell you can save you some dollars. Before you pack up your injured machine and drive it to the local repair shop. 5. One Free Program May Fix the Whole Thing If your computer's having problems like it's running slow or IE stops responding. And it's fixa
  15. How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows For Free? Check this video In this tutorial, I will show you how to make Windows 7 or Windows Vista more responsive by 3 little tweaks. Method 1: Unload DLL From RAM Memory Step 1: Click the Start menu button, inside search field type regedit and confirm with Enter. Step 2: Now inside Registry Editor locate the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer Step 3: When you select Explorer in path above, click menu Edit and from drop down menu select New and then DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  16. How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows For Free? Check this video Most users’ computers have more than two partitions, we store different files and folders in different partitions. I am no exception, I have four partitions in my desktop, that is C: System, D: Backup, E: Work, F: Entertainment. There are some secret files and important documents that I don’t want to be seen by anyone, so it is imperative to hide this partition or the important files from the prying eyes. In this tutorial, I am gonna show you how to hide any free partition( the system partition not included), files
  17. How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows For Free? Check this video Everybody wants a fast computer startup. In this article I will show you several most effective ways. Note: All of these changes are optional, and do not need to be carried out. Instead, they are offered as suggestions to try to lower the time it takes for Windows to boot. System BIOS Changes---Change Boot Order 1. You must start with the computer completely off, not in sleep or hibernation mode. Then turn the computer on. 2. Enter the system BIOS screen by the manufacturers suggestion. Depending on the computer,
  18. How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows For Free? Check this video If you are reading this article you are probably desperate, but before you panic let me tell you that there is hope, and there is probably more hope than you think…. Even if your hard drive has an internal mechanical malfunction, data can be recovered without having to send the hard drive to a data recovery service. Yes! you heard right, I’m sure you have come across articles that will tell you how to recover data from a damaged partition, you will find a ton of those on the web, but when your hard drive starts malfun
  19. How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows For Free? Check this video Speed up a computer: Optimization software Another reason your PC has slowed up is likely to be related to wear and tear. If you've used your PC for a long time it's likely that the storage is pretty full with files, photos and videos. You may also have installed a lot of programs that all run at the same time causing your processor to struggle. As a basic piece of housekeeping it makes sense to delete anything you don't want to keep. And by going to add/remove programs in your Control Panel you should remove and p
  20. How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows For Free? Check this video Everyone wants a faster computer . Perhaps you have a relatively new PC or laptop that works fine, but you would like it to be faster. That may be for general use, or something specific such as browsing the web, or gaming. Or possibly you have an older PC or laptop that used to be fine but now crawls. Here we've written an easy to follow checklist, pointing out what you should do to make your PC faster in any of these scenarios. They range from the easiest to the hardest - so start at the beginning and work throu
  21. it could be the inverter or possibly one of the lamps (the display is back-lit by usually 2 fluorescent tubes about 1/8 in diam). If not, go into the control panel, and click on the power options. Your computer may be set up to adjust the brightness based on the power consumption of the battery. It might be under the create a power plan.
  22. It sounds like you have the Task Manager running in the low profile mode. Move the mouse pointer to any edge of the Task Manager and double click. This should give you the tabs back. Hope this helps. If not, feel free to contact us again.
  23. There is a possibility that some third party programs installed on the computer is causing the delay in accessing the internet I would suggest that you perform clean boot and check. To help troubleshoot error messages and other issues, you can start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This kind of startup is known as a "clean boot." A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts. After you have finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual: a) Click Start, type msconfig in the Start Search box, and then press
  24. Sometimes this can be caused by an overheating situation. Itunes, RealPlayer, Windows Media player, etc. require a lot of processing power to decompress and decode music files, which can cause the processor or hard drive to get hot. If your CPU is running at over 60 degrees © you might be at risk of burning it out. Some systems shut down automatically when the temperature reaches an unsafe level. Every few weeks I open my system unit and clean the fins on the heat sink that sits under the CPU. When they collect dust it restricts the airflow and prevents proper cooling. You can use a can of co
  25. This could be caused by a Virus. Either way, you can fix this by editing the registry. Some things to keep in mind. If it is a virus, you don't want to reboot because the virus could cause more damage. But, if you are going to edit the registry you need to reboot in order to apply the settings. This makes things interesting. You will need to apply the registry fix first, then try to scan your computer for Viruses and hope it removes the virus before you reboot. Click Start Type regedt32 in the search box and click OK The Registry Editor will open, browse to the Registry Location below: HKEY
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