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  1. Your PC’s Windows registry can cause a number of problems for your computer, from a slow running computer to an actual computer crash but it’s easy to fix. Unfortunately, the registry is also a vital part of your Windows operating system. So you can’t solve these types of problems just by eliminating it entirely. What Is the Windows Registry and Why is It Important? The Windows registry is the central nervous system of your computer. It acts as the central switchboard that tells each program when it should activate, and whether or not a given user has the power to activate it. This is
  2. It is quite a good option to donate the old computer to schools and charity organizations, but before you actually do it, one thing you care about the most is the private or important information in the computer, can it be restored and seen by the prying eyes. Here I strongly suggest you have a complete cleanup with Wise Care 365 Pro and erase the disk with Disk Eraser in Privacy Protector column of Wise Care 365, do remember to choose 35 passes. Then all the information deleted and cleaned will not be restored.
  3. To Enable or Disable "Open File Security Warning" for Specific File Types using the Local Group Policy Editor NOTE: You must be logged in as an administrator to be able to do this option. 1. Open the all users, specific users or groups, or all users except administrators Local Group Policy Editor for how you want this policy applied. 2. In the left pane, click on to expand User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, and Attachment Manager. 3. To Enable the "Open File Security Warning" A) In the right pane, double click on Do not preserve zone informati
  4. Does it seem like your laptop’s battery charge runs out sooner than it should? Well, it seems like they always do to me. Assuming that the laptop battery isn’t defective, there are a number of power settings that you can tweak in order to make a charge last as long as possible. The key is determining which settings to tweak in order to gain the most benefit without hampering your ability to use your laptop effectively. Windows includes a fantastic hidden tool that can help you decide which power settings you can safely tweak and which ones to leave as they are. This tool creates wh
  5. If a Windows system is badly infected with malware, running an antivirus from inside Windows often won’t help. You can more easily find and purge malware by scanning from outside Windows. Malware can hide itself on an infected system, avoiding detection. Other malware may attempt to battle the antivirus software, preventing it from properly installing or scanning. This is why it’s important to catch malware before it infects you. Boot Into Safe Mode Safe Mode isn’t completely outside of Windows, so it may not help you if a malware has deeply infected your system files. In Safe Mode, W
  6. A shortcut enables you to quickly access a file, folder, drive, or program on your computer. This post will introduce four methods of adding shortcuts to your desktop. For Websites Method One: 1. Right click on your desktop, click the New option and select Shortcut. 2. If you want to create a shortcut for your favorite site like Google to your desktop, you can add its URL to Type the location of the item box. 3. Type a name for this shortcut and click Finish button. Method Two: 1. Narrow your browser first, and open a website randomly. 2. Then move your mouse to t
  7. It’s actually quite easy to recover deleted files using a free file recovery program such as Wise Data Recovery. But did you know that files can even be recovered from flash drives that have been formatted? Well, it’s true, and it’s just as easy as recovering files that have been “deleted”. If you format your drives using the “Quick Format” option, the files on the drive won’t actually be over-written as the drive is formatted. Instead, only the “pointers” to the files are wiped out, leaving the files themselves intact and easily recoverable. This is usually not a problem, but if so
  8. Formatting the Hard Drive Without Reinstalling Windows 7 Formatting the Hard Drive by Reinstalling Windows 7 You may have a PC that has been infected with viruses or spyware, and you find it has become too slow and difficult to use. Or you may have a blank hard drive you need to set up. In this case, you may need to reformat your hard drive or to reinstall Windows 7. Follow the steps below to reformat Windows 7. Method 1 of 2: Formatting the Hard Drive Without Reinstalling Windows 7 Part One: Partitioning the Hard Drive 1. Backup all your files, drivers and settings so that yo
  9. Govome.com is an adware program which can be take over your all the browsers and set as your homepage and gives you sponsored advertisement. Govome.com is also categorized is a browser hijacker and homepage redirect program. It can corrupts and control all popular web browser including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc. It enters into your computer without your permission. This is ads-supported search engine. Once Govome.com is installed into your computer, this dangerous application alters some of computer’s settings, including the homepage, default search engine and
  10. There are a lot of issues and scenarios that we commonly encounter with computers. It doesn't matter what operating system, brand, or architectural structure of the motherboard we have, may it be a desktop, laptop, or a netbook computer. Some common reasons why a computer crashes are due to hardware failure or malfunction, corrupted program files and/or drivers, virus infections, and overheating. This article will discuss the common causes why a computer experiences overheating. To briefly define overheating, this is when a piece of hardware on your computer generates enough heat, which
  11. Step I – Download Windows 7 SP1 ISO pack The first step is very simple. You need to download Windows 7 Operating System ISO pack. But if you already have Windows 7 ISO file then well and good. You can easily move to the Next Step. Step II – Download Windows 7 bootable USB tool If you’ve downloaded the Windows 7 OS or you already have it. You further need to download Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. (Download link: http://images2.store.microsoft.com/prod/clustera/framework/w7udt/1.0/en-us/Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe) This tool is responsible to transfer Windows 7 OS in
  12. One of the most persistent myths about Windows is that you need to reinstall the operating system regularly to keep it running at top performance. Let’s take a look at the real problem and how to fix it. Today we’re talking about the myth that Windows slows down over time, and how to solve the problem. The reality is that Windows doesn’t slow down if you just take care of your PC a little more. Follow these procedures, and you won’t have to wonder if spending time installing from disc, and re-installing your essential applications is really necessary. What Does Slow Windows Down Over T
  13. How You Might See the 403 Error 403 Forbidden error messages are sometimes customized by the websites they appear on but for the most part, you'll see them in one of the following ways: "403 Forbidden" "HTTP 403" "Forbidden: You don't have permission to access [directory] on this server." "Forbidden" "Error 403" "HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden" "Error 403 - Forbidden" "HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden" The 403 Forbidden error displays inside the browser window, just as web pages do. 403 errors, like all errors of this type, might be seen in any browser o
  14. 5 – Install AdBlock to Block Advertisements Advertisements ‘hidden’ behind pages can interfere with your browser’s working and seriously dampen its performance. Useful resources are wasted, and surfing speed is considerably reduced by these unnecessary commercials. To help with your cause, find a free extension on Chrome Web Store that blocks any ad from bombarding your screen and keeps your web expedition clean. Follow the script below to install an ad blocker extension from the chrome web store: Log in to the address chrome.google.com/webstore In the search box, type Ad Blocker.
  15. Nothing gives an internet user more pleasure than to launch a robust browser and load webpages in a snap. If you chat online or stream videos regularly, there is certainly no need elaborating this point any further. Acknowledging this need, Google introduced its own web browser. To unleash Chrome at its full strength, there are still a few ‘under the hood’ adjustments that you can make to further improve its capabilities. Continue reading this article and follow through the mentioned tips to explore exactly what it requires to run Chrome faster. Note: In this script the steps shown und
  16. Overview Your DNS cache stores the locations (IP addresses) of webservers that contain pages which you have recently viewed. If the location of the web server changes before the entry in your DNS cache updates, you will be unable to access the site. If you encounter a large number of HTML 404 error codes, you may need to clear your DNS cache. Once you clear your DNS cache, your computer will query nameservers for the new DNS information. How to clean your DNS cache The following methods allow you to remove old and inaccurate DNS information that may result in 404 errors. Windows
  17. Manage Priorities It is sometimes required to run specific programs faster, and smoother than other processes. This can be done by setting their priority levels, and alter the amount of system resources, including memory allocations, to these particular programs. Execute the following to accomplish this task successfully: Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys From the Processes tab, right click the program you want to modify priority of, and click Go to details While in the Details tab, right-click the process and expand Set priority Choose the desired option acco
  18. When it comes to improving system’s overall performance, adding RAM is good way to advance forward, but it is not always the best. Instead, I would suggest you consider polishing your existing memory tool, and optimize it to the fullest before you go around shopping for some more. This would involve making a few adjustments in computer processes, along with tampering with certain PC settings to minimize memory utilization and maximize performance. To help with your challenging, yet exciting journey, here are a few tips and tricks that guarantee outstanding results, and promise to bring you
  19. Every single day, desktop computers are used for both personal and professional reasons. Like many others, however, you may not feel you know enough about these incredible devices. Fear not, because this article will surely change that. If you are concerned with your computer's speed, then start things off with a boot check. You will be able to find this information in the start menu. From here, examine which programs are loading when the computer boots. If there are programs listed that you don't use, set them so they don't automatically start. This makes it so your computer runs faster.
  20. If your copy of Google Chrome has taken on a sudden and inexplicable hatred for Shockwave Flash, we’re here to help. Read on as we show you how to tame Chrome and get it to play nice with Flash. More so than other browsers, Google Chrome is particularly susceptible to a specific but not uncommon situation in which it simply will not coexist peacefully with Adobe Flash—frequent slow downs and annoying crashes are common as a result. The following tutorial will help you get Chrome back to its speedy self. What Causes The Issue? The reason we’re talking about Chrome and not, say, Firefox
  21. If you’ve got a hard drive formatted with the FAT32 file system, you might have found that you can’t copy large files to that drive. So how do you fix that, and convert the file system over to NTFS? Here’s how. Scratching your head? Here’s the deal: the FAT32 file system, which most external drives are still shipped with, can’t handle files larger than about 4 GB in size—which means most full-length movies and anything really large, like a virtual machine. If you do try and copy a file, you’ll get an error just like this one: It’s worth noting that FAT32 works just fine on just about a
  22. If you have a small solid-state drive and really want more hard space, there are geekier ways to reclaim hard drive space. Not all of these tips are recommended — in fact, if you have more than enough hard drive space, following these tips may actually be a bad idea. There’s a tradeoff to changing all of these settings. Erase Windows Update Uninstall Files Windows allows you to uninstall patches you install from Windows Update. This is helpful if an update ever causes a problem — but how often do you need to uninstall an update, anyway? And will you really ever need to uninstall up
  23. When you use Windows 7 PC, typing anything into the Start Menu search box returns exactly what you want instantly—but what about once you’ve built up loads of files? It tends to get really slow, but here’s how to fix it. Make the Start Menu Only Search Applications The first thing you can do is change the Start Menu search box to only search through your applications in the Start Menu, rather than finding documents, pictures, emails, and going through your internet history. Head into Taskbar and Start Menu Properties by right-clicking on the Start orb and choosing Properties, th
  24. Windows 8 offers a wide variety of New features. But, a typical windows user will search for Hibernate option in Windows 8 and windows 8.1 and is really easy to enable hibernation mode inwindows 8. It is better to Shut Down and Start windows 8 because, Windows 8 has a New feature called Fast Start Up which is Smarter than Hibernation mode in Windows 8 Where is Hibernate option in Windows 8? Win 8 hibernate - The committee of members who removed the Start menu from Windows 8 hidden the Hibernate option. The reason behind this hiding is, Windows 8 can Start and Shutdown faster that hi
  25. Mechanical hard disks have ruled for ages—but their reign is coming to an end. Uptake of faster, more energy-efficient solid state drives (SSDs) is increasing. Fast boot times and overall performance coupled with a decrease in prices are their major upsides, but users need to take special care of their SSDs. This post outlines the most important steps for optimizing your SSD. Step 1 – Jump to Windows 7 Both Windows XP and Windows Vista come from an era in which SSDs were not widespread. They do not support the TRIM command which is important to boost systems’ performance and lifespans. TR
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