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  1. When you want to type in your password while logging in Windows 8 the NumLock part of keyboard is not activated by default. A lot of people complain about this. Here is how to achieve NumLock auto turn on at Windows startup Step 1: From your desktop, press Win+R on your keyboard to launch Run window. If you got prompted by UAC click Yes. Step 2: Inside Run window type regedit and click OK to open Registry Editor. Step 3: When Registry Editor window opens up, inside left pane follow the path: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Keyboard\ Step 4: While in Keyboard folder, insid
  2. The Start screen is a new feature in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 that replaces the Start Menu from previous Windows. You can pin Store apps, programs, folders, drives, files, contacts, and websites to Start to quickly access what you use most. All of your apps—both apps you install from the Windows Store and desktop apps—are available from the Start screen. You can organize, group, and name categories of apps to how you like on the Start screen. Tiles and notifications show what’s new so you can get important info and updates at a glance. But the animated tiles and flashing presentation on t
  3. If you have ever wondered whether you can change the lock screen background in Windows 8, the answer is yes you can. Here is how to do just that. Open up the Charms menu(Move your cursor to the upper right corner of your computer to access Charms menu) Click on the settings icon(or tap on it if you have a touch screen) Click on change PC Settings at the bottom of the settings menu. On the left side, select Personalize and then select Lock Screen on your right side. Then click on the browse button below the images to browse to select your favorite image which is to be set as the lock
  4. In Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, the charms bar will appear when we move the cursor to the upper or lower right corners of the screen. But some computer users think this feature is annoying. The charms bar shows up many times when users accidentally move the mouse to the top or bottom right side corner. This article will show you how to disable the charms bar in your operating system. Method One 1. Right-click on the Taskbar, and click on Properties. 2. In Taskbar and Navigation properties, click on the Navigation tab, and uncheck the When I point to the upper-right corner, show the char
  5. In Windows 8 and 8.1, there is the newly added locked screen. The lock screen will play when you sign in or leave your PC. You can learn about some information like weather, date and notifications, which is considered to be useful for some computer users. There are many people who don't like this new lock screen. Its useless for them as it doesn't do anything special. If you want a faster way to get into the system when logging in, one option is to disable the Lock Screen. Method One: Disable the Lock Screen via Group Policy Step1. Go to the desktop, and press Win + R keys meanwhi
  6. "Out of virtual memory" is one of the Windows annoying errors. Usually your PC starts freezing first. Then an error appears and tells you that your virtual memory is too low. In this article we are going to explain what causes this error and how to fix it . Note: Typically, this low virtual memory problem happens in an old computer. What is virtual memory? Virtual memory, also known as page file or swap file, is a file on your hard disk that Windows uses in addition to physical memory (RAM) whenever the need arises. For example, when you are running an application or a process yo
  7. If you are doing something very confidential on your computer or watching something on your computer that you do not want other people seeing and then someone suddenly walks in and you really need to prevent the person from seeing what it is you are doing on the computer. It is not uncommon that we found ourselves in this position several times and have wished that there was a quick button that we could suddenly press and change what is on our computer screen to something else. This article will help you to quickly hide your desktop screen and keep your confidential information or activity
  8. Method 4: Check Hard Drive An impaired hard drive can also lead to the Kernel error. This can be fixed by running a CHKDSK scan illustrated below: Open Command Prompt with administrative rights demonstrated before Type this command and hit Enter CHKDSK /R If prompted, schedule the scan to launch at computer next restart by entering Y Reboot your device Allow Windows locate bad sectors and recover readable information from the drive. However, if you find this resolution unsuccessful in eliminating your concern, let’s see if you have outdated drivers causing this terrible s
  9. One similar fault dominating support forums across the world is the Kernel Security Check Failure Stop error (stop code 0x000000139). Typically, this menace is caused by a faulty driver which tries to free the same kernel memory twice or access sensitive areas and overwrite into prohibited blocks. In other cases, the issue might result from a corrupt memory module or storage device usually RAM or Hard Drive. Unfortunately, the problem is hard to track down because, by default, the checks are not executed when the bizarre requests are made, but some time later when Windows actually tries
  10. Windows Registry Use reliable free registry cleaning application such as Wise Registry Cleaner to scan the registry Remove the detected errors to keep your registry clean Defragment the registry to make registry entries more organized Note: Registry cleaner is not a magic bullet, it does not make your PC run faster magically. Registry cleaners can be useful tools to solve certain kinds of problems in the registry, like those created when a program doesn't uninstall correctly or a malware infection isn't cleaned up properly. The best thing about Wise Registry Cleaner is it automatica
  11. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is the vital storage component of your computer. A healthy and well-managed hard drive ensures an enhanced system performance and adaptable storage capacity. Below are some tricks for optimizing your HDD: Partitioning Partitioning is one of the useful ways to manage a hard drive and the information written on it. You can categorize your files and data into separate partitions for easy access or retrieval. Always try to keep system files separate from your personal stuff by allocating a separate partition for it, also called as system drive. This will avoid the de
  12. I do believe you have experienced annoyingly slow data transfer rates. In this post, you will witness hidden tricks that have proven to produce magnanimous results. Now, let’s get down to business. 1. Change Device Policy Change the drive’s settings to boost its performance, literally: Plugin your pen drive Locate your pen drive and right-click it to choose Properties Select Hardware tab Highlight your drive Click Properties button Under General tab, click Change settings Access Policies tab Select Better performance and choose OK Making this change enables write cachin
  13. YouTube only allows users to watch and view videos on their website. Many users want to download their favorite videos to their computer so they can watch them without being connected to the Internet or so they can watch them on other devices. Below are the steps required for downloading and watching YouTube videos on your computer for free. Go to http://www.wisevideosuite.com to download Wise Video Downloader. Open any YouTube video page and copy the URL of the video you want to download. Once this address has been copied, paste that URL into the URL bar and click the Download bu
  14. While Microsoft publishes security and stability updates on second Tuesday of every month, there are times when critical fixes, stability updates and Service Packs are released outside the schedule. That's why you should set your computer to look for available updates on daily basis. In Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, Open Control Panel, click System and Security and then choose Windows Update, click the Change settings link on the left: In the Choose how Windows can install updates window, make sure Install updates automatically (recommended) is selected. Next, ensure that both Give
  15. Computers get hot. We know this from the loud fans bolted inside our desktops, and the alarming burning sensation we feel on our legs after using a laptop for too long. Everything inside a PC generates heat, and heat can cause components to become unstable and crash your PC. Indeed, computers are designed to crash as a last-ditch effort to protect their own internal components from permanent heat damage. Here is what to do when your computer is overheating. Dust Out Your Computer’s Case: Dust accumulates in desktop PC cases and even laptops over time, clogging fans and blocking air flow
  16. If you've ever used Windows, chances are you've experienced PC crash. PC crash can be caused by all kinds of reasons, it can be many things. Sometimes it's a string of error messages. Of course, there is everybody’s favorite blue screens of death (BSoD). Also there's the eternally maddening "nothing happens" crash when you try to turn the computer on. Here is how to deal with PC crash: Virus and Safe Mode Malware is a significant cause of blue screens. But, luckily, the solution is simple. Start up your trusted antivirus program, make sure it's up-to-date, and give your system the mos
  17. When you delete a file, it doesn't actually go away--even after you've emptied the Recycle Bin. The actual bits remain written on the drive until some other disk activity writes over them. Even when you format a drive, the files are still there for those who want and know how to read them. If you want to truly and securely delete a file, or the contents of an entire drive, you need software that will overwrite the space where the file(s) once sat. Fortunately, several free programs can do this. 1. I recommend the File Shredder feature built in Wise Care 365, choose any file or folde
  18. Lost files can usually be recovered—if you discover the loss soon enough. But every time you write to the hard drive, you lower the likelihood of a successful recovery. So use that computer as little as possible when you want to recover lost files unless you’ve given up hope. Try these solutions, in this order: Use Wise Jet Search There is a little chance that you placed the lost file somewhere else, but you are not sure where. In that case you will have to search the whole computer. With Wise Jet Search you can find any file in your computer unless the file is hidden or in the
  19. This article guides you to enable Hibernation on your windows 8&8.1 Laptop. What is Hibernation? Hibernate is a process or service available in “Windows Operating Systems”. Hibernate mode saves all of your open documents and running applications to your hard disk and shuts your Laptop. In simple terms, Hibernate mode will consume zero power and shuts down your system by saving any opened documents and running applications and resume the same once powered up. It is advised to use this style, only if you won’t be using your Laptop for an extended period of time. This guide g
  20. When we buy a computer and expect to enjoy the great performance. But sometimes there are so many services already running on your computer that it doesn’t seem very powerful. Services are great, but not every service that wants to run, needs to. In this article, we will talk about how to disable these services running in the background of Windows. How to Disable Services To disable a driver or turn off some services, you’ll work in the Services menu. If you use Windows 7 or 8. Open up the Windows search bar (in Win 8, just start typing on the Metro Screen) and search for “services.msc” T
  21. Microsoft is no longer providing any support to users having Microsoft XP installed on their systems. This officially marks the end of Microsoft XP’s run. Statistics say that up to 30% of the world’s personal computers (PC’s) are still using the highly popular Windows XP. This is quite a serious figure, which of course means it cannot be ignored. Microsoft has been pretty busy with encouraging the current Windows XP users to upgrade to the latest version of Windows OS, by pushing the security and safety aspect. However, there are going to be a lot of users who just won’t or can’t u
  22. Here’s the scenario: you’re sitting on the couch, feet propped on the coffee table with your laptop in hand. You’re feeling sanguine so you load up a few HD 1080p videos on YouTube. Then you fire up Spotify and…. bam – you’re unceremoniously disconnected from the web. What the heck just happened? Usually, you’ll just get up (or bark at your wife) to reset the router. But this is beginning to happen more frequently and you want to find the root cause so you can permanently eliminate this problem. If you’re constantly rebooting the router then here are 2 tips that will almost certainly fix
  23. In Windows 7, you can directly open Start menu to turn off your computer. But Windows 8 was designed by complaints that Shut Down and Restart command were too hard to find. You have to press Win + C keys to open the Charms bar, click the Settings option and click the Power button then select Shutdown or Restart. I’m sure nobody likes to perform several actions to turn off his computer. Though Window 8.1 shows some improvements, it is still a couple of clicks away. So, how to turn off or restart your PC just one click away from the desktop or the Metro Start Screen? You just need to create shor
  24. It has to be one of the most annoying things ever! When you are trying to do some work or some research and you have a slow internet connection! Here are some tips you can use to improve the speed of your internet connection. PC Maintenance You should firstly check your computer to see if it currently has any viruses on, this is a common issue to why your internet connection is slow! You should always have anti-virus software on your computer to avoid getting any viruses, you should also perform regular scans so any viruses will show up and be dealt with as soon as possible. We also sugge
  25. Defragmenting your computer’s hard drive from time to time is necessary to help increase performance. Hard drives function by using spinning platters that store data in various areas. The data is written in blocks that are arranged in a sequenced order. When these files become split between different blocks, the information you are trying to access may be contained in various blocks that are located far away from each other on the platters. Due to the computer having to access information for a specific file in various locations on the hard drive, this slows down your computer’s performanc
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