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  1. Hello, I am using version gta: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
  2. You ever going to help me? I ask for a bit, just add the solution to my problem in your program, since this problem is very difficult correction for inexperienced users... If you do not want to help me to say so I just decide not to use your programs and go back to the company iobit.
  3. Good time of day. What you wrote to me already a tad bit helps, runs longer but still climbs error. Here's watching here how to fix the error, but did not help... I also noticed that when you recommend I download and install Microsoft Visual,I installed it and did not understand why it has to drive E, and logic, it should be installed on drive C. Can this influence the robot application?
  4. Sorry that strained my eyes you, but it did not help. Oh please add the solution to my problem in your program. Incidentally program sa-mp enjoys many users while I was looking for a solution to the problem I looked at the comments and realized that I am not alone with this problem. Please add the solution to this problem in your program.
  5. Dear moderator! What you recommend I again does not help, as I'm doing. Please add the solution to my problem in your program, because I have this error is distributed computer and already Adobe Photoshop Cs3 is also infected with this virus.
  6. Hello dear moderator! What you recommend I did not help, because this error is most likely due to the fact that when you install a different anti-virus programs together with them installed Microsoft Visual. And most likely in the system registry error which does not allow the application to start. Turns out it is necessary to remove a program that interfere with the application and install Microsoft Visual. I will be glad if you add the solution to this problem in your program. Thanks in advance. Moderator so between us, I use your software and delighted, and you go on par with the company IObit, recently became not satisfied with the products IObit and instead became more joy. P.S. I Will be glad to cooperate with you! Screenshot:http://rghost.ru/49645636
  7. Hello. I was faced with a problem getting a Runtime Error and don't know how to fix it. Tried to search online for a solution, but nothing helped. Prior to that used your software and then I came to your site and watch you released a new program Wise PC 1stAiD I downloaded it but there are solutions of the problem was not found. And I saw the button "Find the answer" now I ask you this in the hope that you help me. A screenshot and the other will be in the description. I would be grateful! Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit) Service Pack 3 System root: C:\WINDOWS Available physical memory: 1763 MB CPU: Intel® Celeron® CPU G540 @ 2.50GHz Drive Info: C: 26,58 GB D: 214,85 GB E: 218,34 GB Internet Explorer: 8.0
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