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I have a problem with hard drive defragmentation. We analyzed the hard drive and I found 5% fragmented files and other programs I find 25% fragmented files, why? I tested other programs curiosity to see what percentage I find all my fragmented files and found about 20%, only 365 wise that I found 5%. I love this program and why I sent this message, I hope you solve the problem. There is a problem defragmentation takes very little compared to other programs. Please fix the problem with defrag ... Thanks a lot! Excuse the language used, I'm not good with English! I hope you understand the message.


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  Hi Darky,


We are so appreciative that you love Wise Care 365. Thank you for supporting our software. :)
 As regards to your issue, every defragmentation program has different algorithm about the fragmented files.

Our algorithm is: files with fragments / total file in the partition(to divide files with fragments by total file in the partition)

 So the fragment percentage is a bit lower.


Thank you again for supporting our software.
Any further questions, please feel free to contact us. :) 



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