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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I got an error prompt everytime I tried to start this program, the error prompt is as follows: Access violation at address 006CB05F in module WiseGameBooster.exe read of address 00000000 What have i tried so far: Uninstalling & Installing the software Running it as administrator vice versa.
  2. I just upgraded to the 365 Pro, I've been using the free version for some time. I have suddenly been getting an error message reading "Access Violation of Address 03575C93. Write of Address 66C8E88D. " Does anyone know what this is? It doesn't seem to have stopped the program or anything, but its popped up like 5 times already.
  3. Internet explorer deja de funcionar, no puedo abrir las Opciones de Internet, Skydrive deja de funcionar y Skype también deja de funcionar. También hay algunos otros problemas que ahora no recuerdo Hace tiempo quería descargar IE 10 pero no podía. Curioseando desinstalé una actualización de Windows Update que afectaba Internet Explorer. Luego cuando vi que no funcionaba intenté desinstalarlo, pero no puedo desinstalarlo porque faltan archivos o algo. Borré archivos directamente del ordenador y (antes de conocer WiseCleaner) sin querer borré los puntos de restauración del sistema cuado usé un programa para intentar reparar IE (por lo cual no pude deshacer los cambios). Operating system:Windows 7 Starter (32 bit) Service Pack 1 System root: C:\windows Available physical memory: 1013 MB CPU: Intel® Atom CPU N450 @ 1.66GHz Drive Info: C: 224,09 GB Internet Explorer: 9.0
  4. hi before updated jetsearch to version 1.41.75, whenever I want to search for a folder or file, (for example "boardwalk empire") I just need to type "board" and it'll give me a list of folder and files which contain the word "board". but now I have to type the full name of a folder / files if I want it to be found..i cant remember all files / folders name that I created
  5. JetSearch v.1.36.69 works fine in Windows XP but in Vista Home basic it does NOT search in C:\ although it's checked it does search in d:, e: etc. but it skips C: any suggestions?
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