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Windows 7 does not shut down

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Hi, I run a windows 7,IE 8 64 bit PC.

Ocassionaly,when I try to \"SHUT DOWN\" it will not do so . The screen says \"SHUTTING DOWN\" but never does.even after several hours wait . I have to close down on power supply. I have run full system Norton, have run Register clean and Disc clean and defrag programs . It has just done this malfuncion again .

Any ideas would be welcome. Thank You.

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Normally, it’s because certain processes in the background with special authorities cannot be ended by System when Windows Shut Down, which accordingly causes hung-up of the system.
Generally, it’s a problem brought by viruses, Trojans, driver module bugs of anti-virus software, or there’s something wrong with hardware drivers.
Please firstly confirm your PC is not affected with viruses or Trojans. 
Then please try uninstall the anti-virus software you are using and update certain hardware drivers.
After you have fixed the problem, you can re-install your anti-virus software. 
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