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Clear the chassis (if it is a laptop clean fan dust) dust, many PC cards, running slow is due to the CPU, graphics card heat sink caused by poor, protection mechanisms, and makes their operating frequencies are reduced, resulting in a PC card, which occurred mainly in the summer or a year not to clear the chassis (notebook) computer of dust.


Computer running slow solution


Avira anti-virus and Trojan. Many special slow computers was recently changed, then that's when you need to pay attention to, and possibly computer virus, cause your love machine productivity is low. Comprehensive antivirus use antivirus software, and then use your 360 system repair software repair systems such as first aid kits.




Clean start-up items, let the computer traveling light. Many computer software has been installed does not pay attention, leading to too many start-up items, when in normal operation of the computer with this "burden", leading to slower computers (such as QQ, Thunder 7, cool, lots of software are default post launch). Then click on "start"-"run"-type "msconfig"-"start" in here, close all items that do not need to boot (can all be checked out when I need some software to manually open)-"OK"-"restart the computer".

Computer running slow solution




Clean up computer junk. Some people buy computers from the back until now were not cleaned up computer junk, only know the software installed to the computer, but did not remove unwanted, and many software even if you uninstall it, but there will still be residual information in the computer. Click on "start"-"programs"-"Control Panel"-"Add or remove programs" and remove unused software, and then use the master Lu or 360 security guards clean up computer junk files (cached, residual registry information, etc). Last disk defragmentation, double-click "my computer", at the top of the drive right click-"Properties"-"Tools"-"start" to complete.


Troubleshooting hard disk bad track. Computer after long-term use, caused by wear on the hard drive can be costly, hard disk corruption is generally from a few of the bad beginning, then gradually as bad as possible. Use of the software (can be excluded in Baidu searches the hard disk bad track tools) mark out bad track or set to private, next time you use the hard disk directly to exclude bad track, speed up hard drives run faster.
Set the virtual memory. Computer programs are required by running in memory, if implemented programs take up memory is large or many, can cause the memory is exhausted. To solve this problem, Windows uses virtual memory technology, namely spare a portion of the hard drive space to act as the memory usage. "My computer" right-click-"Properties"-"Advanced"-"settings"-"Advanced" virtual memory "changes"-"custom size" (1.5-3 times times the physical memory).

7.At the same time we strongly suggest to use Wise Care 365 to optimize PC system
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