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Reinicialização involuntária

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Meu PC reinicia sozinho, notadamente quando estou no Youtube ou conectado a algum site da Internet. Ou seja, quando não está online isso não acontece.

Assim sendo, fica descartada a hipótese de superaquecimento.

Agradeço aos amigos da rede sugestões para correção dessa falha.




Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit) Service Pack 3

System root: C:\WINDOWS

Available physical memory: 2038 MB

CPU: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz

Drive Info:

C: 186,30 GB

Internet Explorer: 8.0

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The computer restart causes and solutions:<br />1, there might be BIOS settings problem, enter BIOS restore default settings or take the battery out of the motherboard, wait 5 minutes to get to. Objective: are the BIOS settings revert to the default value, excluding BIOS thermal preset automatic restart or shutdown.<br />2, if a reboot occurs before downloading a software application or software reset occurs when running the program, the software program might be causing the reboot, software uninstall and then reinstall the program in General, if the fault persists, then the software program itself has errors and cannot be used.<br />3, killing the virus with anti-virus software in safe mode, restart troubleshooting, it is caused by virus restart failure.<br />4, when you boot press F8 to enter safe mode in the exit to enter the normal mode. Available system that comes with the system restore feature to restore restart troubleshooting, restart is caused by damaged system files.<br />5, if the fault persists, then check the power supply power supply of poor quality, aging or power is too small and cannot meet the power supply needs of computer accessories, power quality power supply can be replaced, and if the troubleshooting, it is power reset fault caused.<br />6, when you hot-swap a device if the computer restart occurs, press the 3rd solution.<br />7, followed by a process of elimination, check the memory, video card, CPU, CPU fan, motherboard, and so on.<br />8, check the memory, quality does not cross the border, poor cooling, overclocking memory, different brands of memory mixed insertion and CAS values are set too low can cause the computer to restart, replace method to test memory available, and to adjust the memory parameters in the BIOS.<br />9, inspection boards, aging Board and capacitor fail or explode, motherboard and chassis back panel Reset short circuit can be raised, you can remove the motherboard from the chassis inspection or testing, then check the CPU Fan Heatsink silicone on the bottom is dry, dry, clean silicone on the CPU fan and the Nice coating of silicone. Then check the CPU fan turns, and the CPU temperature is normal.<br />10, cleaning method: through the dust cleaning of mainframe computer parts troubleshooting methods. Dust is also one of the factors that can cause your computer to automatically restart failed, this dust can cause oxidation aging parts, pins, has poor and short-circuit faults. These faults are caused by dust, typically using a cleaner more efficient.<br />11, change the system default automatic restart: right click on my computer/properties/Advanced/startup and recovery settings in the/system failure "automatically restart" before the hook to remove, and then press OK and restart the computer.<br />12, power instability, can also cause reboot failures occur, you might consider configuring a UPS backup power supply with a steady voltage function.<br /><br />In Device Manager, view the various drives where there are no clashes, there is no yellow! If the device driver is not compatible with the system might be causing; drivers for devices such as sound cards, video cards, network cards, deleted, and then install drivers one by one, each device installation, restart the computer to check which device driver is causing the fault, check out, download failure the updated driver for the device, and then you can install it. Then clean the dust in the computer, cleaning devices such as memory, video card, cheat, Reseat the memory and other devices.<br /><br />

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