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My review on Wise care 365


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I've been using Wise Products for a long long time, love it! Below is my review on this good software.

I’ve used many cleaning softwares, while Wise Care 365 left me a deep impression.

Wise Care 365 is a very functional tool to clean up our PC and improve our PCs’ performance, very easy to use. First, it’s the rapid scanning and the cleaning, very fast and also effective. We can save a lot of time as we don’t need to wait for the results of scanning and cleaning for a long time, just few seconds and we can fix the issues with just one click. We can back up our registry and of course can restore with just one-click. Exact numbers about Registry Error, Trash Size, Traces Counted and Privacy Issues are displayed on the main interface which is very convenient for us to see the detailed information. Wise Care 365 also includes registry, disk, and other system utilities. It’s very handy for us to clean up the registry, disks, drives,etc,so that the performance of our PC will be enhanced. Also, we can optimize our PC system just by clicking “System Optimizer” in System Tuneup. By defraging the disk and registry, we can make our PCs run more stable and faster. Just click the “on” button, we can enable or disable the right-click menu management of the programs, very convenient! What I like most is the Privacy Protector.

Privacy Easer can protect our privacy by erasing personal tracking data. We can also Disk eraser to protect our privacy by remove completely the deleted file in case some data recovery software will recover these files. We can make shredded files removed thoroughly and can’t be restored with File Shredder and Password Generator will help you generates password with high safe level.   What’s more, various themes and colors are provided, we can choose whatever we want.  

That's why i like Wisecleaner so much, you are really doing a good job.

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