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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I've just updated Wise Folder Hider Free from version to the latest one (4.11.145) following the recommendation by application. After installation completed, the new version claims "Password is not valid" although I am 1000% sure that I use the correct p/w, which worked before the update. OS : Win7 Please advise Thank you in advance,
  2. Sorry for bad English. i can't access my hidden folder in wise folder hider. actually i can login but i can't unhide my folder to given the valid password.it's showed me invalid password.what should i do? can i get back my data back? please help me.
  3. At latest version it not encrypt files encrypt option is ticked At version 3.23.94 encrytion is working but not at the latest version (3.28.100) for detail see video: http://www.adrive.com/public/SvUenv/WFH%20PRO%20encryption%20problem.mkv
  4. First, forgive my poor english... Below, I've read a topic [big Problem] After uninstall old ver, install new ver, then my folders gone!!! A similar problem happened to me. But not same exactly.. His problem is FOLDER, and my problem is DISK!! I didn't uninstall old ver... Simply I installed new ver, and after rebooting, I cannot find my DISK which the hidden folders are in.. Yes, I am a fool...... T.T My Windows 7 does NOT recognize a DISK itself, NOT FOLDER, NOT FILES... I seperated that disk from my computer, and attached another computer... But the DISK was not recognized... Excel files in two hidden folders are very important for me... What do I do...??? Plz help... please... P.S. My OS is Windows 7 for Korean. because I am a Korean... of course, South...
  5. Forgot your password of WFH? Already paid for the password retrieval service? Then what’s next? Please follow the instructions below to complete your password retrieval process. 1. Please refer to this webpage: http://www.wisecleaner.com/how-get-my-password-back.html 2. Step 1: Download and run “GetPassword.exe” on the webpage. Step 2: Click “show my password” Step 3: Click “send to us” 3. Or: Your can copy all the content shown in step 2 and send to us manually. 4. After we have recieved your email, we will send your passwords to you. Please check your email (even the spam box) to get your passwords back and keep them safe.
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