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  1. The Microsoft Windows Installer Error 1320 may occur when you attempt to install software on your computer. For example, when you attempt to install the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software by IBM, you may receive an error message similar to "Error 1320. The specified path is too long. C:\ProgramData\Application Data\SPSS." Several other programs that you attempt to install or uninstall an application may also produce the MSI 1320 Error. MSIExec.exe and InstMsi.exe Functions · When installing the SPSS software, the MsiExec.exe and InstMsi.exe functions return t
  2. Navigating long documents and Web pages requires the ability to scroll smoothly. Dealing with a monitor screen that jumps unexpectedly makes it difficult to read text and see Web pages properly. This jumpy behavior can occur due to numerous factors, ranging from software conflict or faulty hardware. Malfunctioning Mouse · In some cases, a jumpy screen is caused by a malfunctioning mouse. Many computer mice offer a scroll wheel in between the two selection buttons on the front, which helps scroll without the use of the scroll bar on the right of the screen. A faulty mouse may send
  3. Most "freezes" are just software lockups, often limited to just one program, although they can cause the entire system seemingly to hang. The remainder are caused by hardware. Failing power supplies can cause all sorts of trouble, for example, including freezes. Memory is also a frequent culprit. Reseating the memory module fixes memory-related problems one-third of the time on desktop systems and one-quarter of the time on laptop systems, according to studies done by Microsoft. Instructions Is the Whole System Freezing? o 1 Press "Alt" and "F4." This may close the program without a
  4. The Image Mastering API is an interface used to allow disc-authoring applications to communicate with your disc-burning hardware and the Windows operating system. In Windows, the Image Mastering API resources and instructions are located in dynamic link library files. When an application attempts to send IMAPI instructions, the instructions in these DLL files are used. If an error occurs while trying to author a disc, rebuild these files using the System File Checker utility. Instructions o 1 Save your work and restart your computer. Hold down your “F8” key continuously during sta
  5. FileZilla is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program that website owners use to add, modify or delete files and directories on their website server. Although many FileZilla users have no problems retrieving their website's directory and files, you may find that Filezilla cannot retrieve your website's directory. There are five primary causes for issues with retrieving the website directory in FileZilla. By going over each possible cause and fix, you can usually get FileZilla to retrieve your website's directory. Incorrect Username/Password o Before you can view or create director
  6. When looking to secure your computer, you'll want to consider a few different factors: the security of your data against malware and hackers and the physical security of your machine. Operating systems come with basic levels of security and you can use free software to add additional security like data encryption and network firewalls. These options are available to any user, meaning you don't need to budget for expensive business licenses and complex installations. Security Software o There are a few different types of security software available to protect your computer against malic
  7. Anyone who has worked on a Windows-based system and used Internet Explorer long enough probably has encountered the IE error 153. The error, while browsing the Internet, usually appears in a popup window with a message "Error:153 Unspecified Error." In higher versions of Internet Explorer, this standard error message may appear along with additional information, indicating "Object doesn't support this property or method." Error Reasons · IE 153 is a runtime error, and unlike stop errors, runtime errors will not fully arrest or freeze your computer. The IE 153 error may result in
  8. When data requested from memory is not found, a memory fault is created. Windows then looks for the same data in the virtual memory on your hard drive. If the data is not there either, a stop message appears alerting you of the event. While this problem is usually the result of damaged memory or other hardware malfunction, it is occasionally caused by a corrupted file system. If you suspect or have confirmed that the problem is related to your file system, reformat the computer to correct the problem. Prior to reformatting, run the Check Disk utility while in Windows Safe Mode and back up your
  9. The error, "BrowseIt.GetFileText.Permission Denied," or any variation thereof, is caused by an error in the free, open-source Web browser, BrowseIt! If you've installed BrowseIt! on your computer or a program that incorporates BrowseIt! elements, that software may be corrupted. However, since the software is free, it's also known to be used in some viruses and adware, which may have infected your computer. BrowseIt! · BrowseIt! was first created in 2005 as a tabbed, open-source Web browser intended to replicate the functionality of Mozilla's Firefox browser. But, instead of using
  10. Lsass.exe Referenced Memory Error is commonly caused by the Sasser worm, a malware that infects Windows-based systems. This worm sneaks in through a Windows’ security vulnerability and attacks using the lsass.exe file, which is connected to the Local Security Authority in Windows. The lsass.exe error message caused by the Sasser worm claims that a file could not be written to the referenced memory block and then crashes the computer. Shut DownAfter stating that there is a problem with Referenced Memory, the Sasser worm shuts the computer down within 60 seconds. Work quickly to stop the shu
  11. An exec error may appear when an executable file with an EXE extension encounters a problem or has corrupt data that prevents it from loading and running. Examples of Exec error messages are "Fatal Exec. Engine Error," "Compile error in hidden module: AutoExec" and "Excel has performed an error in module excel.exe and will be closed." Exec errors occur when saving a program with an EXE file name extension. They are caused by improperly installing or uninstalling software, cookies and temporary files stored by an Internet browser, third-party browser extensions and incompatible spyware or compu
  12. The motherboard on your computer contains a small program called the BIOS that manages connected hardware components and some low-level operations such as drive boot order. The BIOS works even when no operating system is installed and performs the Power-On Self Test each time you turn on your computer. The system POST uses a combination of screen output and beep codes to inform you of any problems at startup. Processor · Some computers beep once at startup to indicate a central processing unit failure. You can identify a faulty CPU as the cause of one beep if your computer has an AS
  13. Microsoft’s Windows operating system includes integrated firewall software that can stop hackers and malicious software from accessing your computer when you go online. Sometimes the firewall prevents legitimate applications from connecting to the Internet. If some programs experience firewall connection problems, troubleshoot the issue by tweaking the firewall’s settings. About the Windows Firewall · The firewall feature in Microsoft Windows acts as barrier between your computer and the Internet, allowing only trusted programs on your computer to go online and communicate with th
  14. The good thing about computer lockups is that they probably don't happen every day unless you have a serious software or hardware problem. However, even periodic freezes may not only be frustrating but costly if you don't save a document before your computer stops responding. There's no need to panic when your computer locks up, but it does help to understand why your machine may freeze as you work. Application Lockups · When your browser or another application stops responding, it may be the only thing on your computer that’s not working. If you cannot interact with a program,
  15. Fatal exceptions occur when software programs encounter errors that prevent them from continuing. A fatal exception error message indicates that one of the applications you are using has attempted an operation that cannot be carried out. Exceptions do not necessarily stop programs from executing since programmers are able to build the ability to handle exceptions into the application code. However, a fatal exception is one that the program can't cope with. Exceptions · In programming, lots of operations can go wrong, particularly where input and output processing is involved. One e
  16. A boot failure is a serious problem, because the boot process is an essential part of your computer's startup routine; your PC must first boot in order for it to be usable. A "boot failure" message typically comes from a hard drive problem, although certain settings in the computer's Basic Input Output System can also trigger the error. Boot Process The term "boot" is a shortened form of "bootstrap," so-called because the computer is "pulling itself up by its own bootstraps." At the moment you turn the PC on, its random-access memory is empty; it lacks even the simplest programming instructio
  17. The Windows garbage bin or "Recycle Bin" holds all deleted files you remove from your system. When you delete any file including a Windows system file, it is moved to the Recycle Bin. When you install a second operating system on the computer and delete the old folder on your system, it is placed in the Recycle Bin. Purpose · In the old MS-DOS operating system, a deleted file was removed from the system immediately. The Windows Recycle Bin is a method that protects you from accidentally deleting the wrong file. The file is actually left on the system, so you can restore it if you
  18. Kaspersky is a security program that is available in both a stand-alone program and Mozilla Firefox add-on. The Kaspersky Firefox add-on scans files that are downloaded in Firefox to ensure that they are safe for the computer. The Kaspersky add-on requires a special security certificate to run. Although many Kaspersky users don't experience problems with running the Firefox add-on, you may find that there are certificate errors with Kaspersky in Firefox. There are four primary causes for certificate errors, and by troubleshooting through each cause, you can fix the certificate errors issue.
  19. Intel Extreme Graphics, housed on a chip built into the motherboard, enables a computer to render graphics without a video card. However, desktop computers with onboard graphics nonetheless include an available accelerated graphics port, peripheral component interconnect, or PCI express slot to which a video card can be installed. You can upgrade the computer to a dedicated card to improve graphics performance, but the operating system won't recognize the new hardware unless you've first disabled Extreme Graphics in the BIOS -- the software that controls and manages hardware inside the compute
  20. Windows Easy Transfer simplifies the transition from one computer to another. The application locates all of the personal files and settings stored to your PC and condenses them into a single file to be exported to another location. After moving the data to an external drive, run Windows Easy Transfer on your new computer. The program imports, or unpacks, the file and copies all of your information to the appropriate libraries. Instructions 1. Press "Windows-Q" to open Search, type "Easy Transfer" and then select "Windows Easy Transfer" from the results. 2. Enter your admi
  21. The desktop is the mainstay for all users of laptop and desktop computers -- it's the place to store temporary files, post notes and do all the tasks that computer users do. Some people don't mind if their desktop is cluttered with lots of icons, while others feel the need to have a clean slate to work with. If you're having issues with deleted or unwanted items on your desktop -- including links to things you may have downloaded -- it can be frustrating when they won't go away. To fix the problem, start with the simple stuff and then move on to more involved steps for removing those unwanted
  22. Streaming HD video can challenge the capabilities of even the most powerful cutting-edge computer. If you're seeing stuttering and buffering issues when attempting to play a video stream, one or more parts of your system is being pushed too hard and you may find that your CPU usage is extremely high. Before you replace your processor, take a look at how streaming works and why a new CPU may not be the answer. Network Slowdowns · One of the most crucial elements comes into play before the stream even reaches your local PC. It takes a robust network to transfer high definition video d
  23. Browser Issues Some laptop users have found that their fingerprint scanners are not compatible with their preferred browser. In particular, a number of complaints have been raised by users who have found that Google Chrome is not compatible with certain fingerprint-scanning software. Wear and Tear Over time, a scanner will need routine maintenance to continue to work correctly. For example, cords can fray or the reader can accumulate grime. Periodically clean the surface of the reader with an electronics cleaning putty or dry microfiber cloth. User Error One issue that can
  24. Corrupted memory can cause problems for computer users, ranging from sluggish software to operating instability and crashes. While there are utilities that are designed to perform memory tests from within the operating system, these programs can't always detect memory corruption because there are too many programs accessing the memory while the operating system is loading. To receive accurate results when testing for corrupted memory, use a a utility that tests the memory before the operating system boots up. Instructions 1.Burn the memory testing software that you wish to use onto a CD
  25. Sometimes computers can be downright frustrating. When something happens to disrupt your routine, it can put you on edge. However, computers can be fixed and you can go back to being happy! Following some easy steps to troubleshooting a computer can quickly diagnose and potentially solve most problems you are having. 1.Ensure that all plugs and connectors are plugged in on your laptop or desktop computer. Sometimes the problem is as simple as knocking the plug loose in the outlet or jostling your computer's case so that something has become disengaged. 2. Run an anti-virus program ---
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