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Found 1 result

  1. Wise care 365 Pro (WC365) deletes hibernation settings without warning! My laptop is set to go into hibernation upon closing the lid. One day I opened my laptop and the battery was dead and I had to recharge it. Checking the power settings I saw that the option fields were blank. "Hibernate" (when I close the lid) was gone and blank despite being set. From the remaining settings options "hibernate" was gone. so was the hiberfil.sys file. I had to re-activate hibernation via cmd: powercfg /hibernate on powercfg /h /type full DELETED AGAIN! One day having after closing the lid on my laptop I noticed a blinking light which indicated to me that it was not hibernating. I started it up and discovered the same situation again. Eventually I found out that the culprit creating this problem occurs after Wise Care 365 Pro has run. Deleting the hibernate option, especially without prior warning, is particular annoying and definitely unwanted feature especially on a laptop! Especially on a laptop hibernation is needed* and important and should never be deleted as one is on the go and simply closes the lid trusting to continue later where one stopped before. Later again one wants to continue, one is confronted to find out that the battery has been drained zero as hibernation was silently eliminated by WC365 run! This has cost me a few times some considerable headaches and stressful situations. Worse yet any data in open and unsaved files is gone if hibernation is quietly disabled aand of course laptop Closed down by late closure believing that hibernation is active! NOT GOOD! NOT GOOD AT ALL! Since Wise Care does not have a search feature I need to know were is the secure setting in WC365 to absolutely guaranteed prevent the deletion of the hibernation function when WC365 runs . Thank you. *doing online search how to prevent the deletion of hiberfil.sys only yields the opposite answers on how to deleted it as people are whining and complaining about lost disk space. While this argument might have been Valid some 10-15 years ago, today with 1+TB SSDs, 10 to 16 GB amounting to 1 - 1.6% taken by hiberfil.sys is not significant. Anyone who has Adobe apps installed or looked into the wasteful temp file dumping by the Microsoft Windows 10 OS knows what true disk space wasting looks like! Amendment October 25, 2022 BUG FOUND! Under "system tuneup" in the section "SSD optimization" if "disable hibernation to save disk space..." Is unchecked upon restart of wise care it is by default checked (enabled) again! The same happens even when selecting "settings" > "Custom checkup"> "System tuneup" and unchecking "disable hibernation...". Again, it is bypassed and the function defaults to being active. in fact it appears whatever is set under above mentioned settings section is ignored under "system tuneup" in the main window. Screen video clip attached. 2022-10-25_00-45-33-598.mp4
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