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  1. Hi again Hi again Do not share my pc and my passwords keep them in eWallet. But, for example, a day the PC does not start and took it to the technical service... or someone steals my ... or I lose it. And I am still asking: Why can the technician change my password so easily? Or the thief Or he has found it I think it's a choice dangerous for not trying to verify the identity of the user
  2. HI This is the problem that I see. I am using Pro version and I recognize that I'm talking about a very special situation, but if for some strange reason someone has access to my computer, it has also access to my email. Because on my computer I don't login to open my mail. Should I do login everytime I open my mail?
  3. Hi I use an online translator and possibly not I have explained well my problem. I try again. It is very easy to change the password. Anyone who has access to my computer (at work, loss, theft, etc) could do it. He only has to click on "I don't remember" and he can already put another password. To avoid such a scenario would suggest that the WHF user can choose between putting a password that does not forget or have another password to protect the "I don't remember". Or any other system that prevents ease of password change
  4. Hi I see a Security Fault. If I forget the password it is very easy to set up another. If someone else has access to my computer, that person can set another password and I will no longer have access to my folders hidden. Options that could be offered: Delete "I don't remember". Protect "I don't remember" with another password
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