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  1. Hello, It seems that some other software has blocked the connection between you and yahoo.com. Please try turn off your firewall and receive your emails again.
  2. Hello, Please scan your PC with Anti-virus software before you try to change your password. And I suggest you to disable all IE plug-in programs with Wise PC 1stAid (IE slow issue).
  3. Hello, I'm sorry, I can't provide any helpful message for you, I suggest you to contact Microsoft to report this issue.
  4. Hello, Wise PC 1stAid will help you to renew your PC, please give it a try.
  5. Thanks for your appreciation!
  6. Hello, Please follow the following steps to fix the issue. 1. Right-click "Computer" - "Manager" - "Services". 2. Find the service - Windows Defender 3. Change the start mode to "Auto". 4. Reboot your PC. Sure, you can use Wise Care 365 easy to enable the service also. I hope this is helpful for you.
  7. Hello, It seems the program you were trying to install is not compatible with Win8. You need to contact the producer of this program to get certain version going with Win8. I hope this is helpful for you.
  8. Hello, It may be that Windows has not completed starting, although you already can see desktop. We suggest that you use Wise PC 1stAid to try fix the problem. (Slow boot speed issue)
  9. Please try to clear IE plug-in programs with Wise PC 1stAid. (IE Slow issue)
  10. Hello, Please check whether these shortcuts are valid. (targeting at valid .exe files) I guess that they are invalid shortcuts.
  11. Hello, Yes, Third-party firewall will disable windows firewall.
  12. Hello, I think Wise PC 1stAid can help you to fix the issue. (The last issue in the 1stAid) Or you can use Wise Care 365 to disable the program run on start. I hope this is helpful for you.
  13. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WaitToKillAppTimeout(DWord) Please try to set the value. The default value is 20000 (20 seconds)
  14. Hello, Looks you installed some restore or system protect software. Please check your programs, if you find the software, you should to disable or uninstall it.
  15. Hello, I suggest you to run Wise Registry Cleaner to clean your registry.
  16. Hello, Please follow the following steps to fix the issue. 1. Press "Win+R" or "Start - Run" 2. Type "msiexec /unregserver" and click "run". 3. Type "msiexec /regserver" and click "run". 4. Reboot your PC. If the issue is still exists, please download msiexec.exe and replace the same file. You can find the file in "c:\windows\system32" folder. (PS: You should to run your PC under safe mode, when you try to replace the file. During boot, press F8 to enter safe mode.)
  17. Hello, You should to install the driver with your mainborad-CD or sound card-CD or some driver installation software.
  18. Hello, Please try to fix with 1stAid - "IE Slow". If the issue still exists, please let us know.
  19. Hello, Please check the following services. Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider Block Level Backup Engine Service Volume Shadow Copy Windows Backup If one of them does not running, please enable them. Right-click "Computer" - "Manager"-"Services" to check or change the services.
  20. Hello, I suggest that you re-install iTunes. When iTunes is being installed, all necessary registry keys will be written in, after which process the CD recording function will be normal back again.
  21. Hello, Looks you should to re-install driver for your sound card with your driver CD.
  22. Hello, I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you! This may be a bug in our product. Could you provide the error message or upload a screenshot? Thanks,
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