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  1. Hello everyone, :)


    I'm localizing in French Driver Care (as all the other Wise products :D )  beta version 1.0.621.

    Such job generates many restarts of the program "under translation" (to validate step by step the "well fit" of the French into the program GUI).


    I noticed that suddenly that, if Driver Care processes are starting on the launch icon click, the Driver Care main windows did no appears on the PC screen.

    I mean that wisedrivercare.exe and wdcservice.exe are active in the Windows Tasks Manager processes list but looks like being in background only (so useless because not accessible :().

    This occurs randomly after a couple of close/restart !!

    OS : Windows 7 64bits


    By definition, a beta version is unstable ;) , but I think this issue should be solved before official releas :(

    Isn't :rolleyes: ?

    Pierre le Lidgeu

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