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    Jamescot reacted to Config in How to modify the startup type of Services?   
    How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows For Free? Check this video

    1. Click Windows Start, input “Services” and press Enter.
    2. Find the item you want to modify and double-click at it.

    3. In “Startup type”, click the little arrow at the end of the options
    and a drop-down menu will show up.

    4. Select your option and press “OK” to confirm it.
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    Jamescot reacted to Config in Wise Video Converter reviewed as "Excellent"   
    Wise Video Converter reviewed as "Excellent" by Editor Eddie Cho from CNET:
    " Few users will find fault with the easy-to-master approach WiseCleaner's Wise Video Converter takes to converting all kinds of videos to play on all kinds of devices (like your phone) since streamlined really is better, not to mention quicker.
    ... "
    Read more: Wise Video Converter - CNET Download.com http://download.cnet.com/Wise-Video-Converter/3000-2194_4-75938058.html  

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    Jamescot reacted to J.P in A useful information   
    To all and new members.
    It will help us incredibly much if you describe what operating system you have
    and perhaps its hardware. You can do it in 'Signature' box. Here is how:
    1. Top right click on your name.
    2. Select 'My Settings'.
    3. 'Signature' on the left (center)
    In this way we can better take us to the 'root' of the problem and then solve it faster.
    Thank you in advance
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