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  1. "You can try this, create a auto-clean task (on the bottom left corner), wise care 365 will skip browser if it is running." Seem to can't find the "auto-clean task" on the bottom. I am using Windows Seven. There is a link about 'custom settings" but won't help
  2. How to automatically close Chrome & IE during autoclean? I have automatically Wise 365 running and the program stops and asks me to allow the program to close Chome or IE in order to clean their caches. Can the program to close Chrome and IE on its own, or ignore?
  3. I close the browser, but there are sometimes residuals (Chrome) so Wise 365 (paid version) stops and asks if I want to clear Chome cache so Wise can continue. Is there a way for wise to clear Chrome on it's own?
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