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  1. WAS (Update to 1.55):
    Wise Auto Shutdown-Indonesian.zip

    WCr (Update to 4.53): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise Care 365-Indonesian.zip

    WDR (Update to 3.87): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise Data Recovery-Indonesian.zip


    WDC (Update to 9.42): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise Disk Cleaner-Indonesian.zip


    WFD (Update to 1.42): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise Force Deleter-Indonesian.zip


    WHK (Update to1.16): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise Hotkey-Indonesian.zip


    WPA (Update to 1.48): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise PC 1stAid-Indonesian.zip


    WPM (Update to 1.28): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise Plugin Manager-Indonesian.zip

    WSM (Update to 1.44): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise System Monitor-Indonesian.zip

    WVC (Update to 2.11): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise Video Converter-Indonesian.zip


    WVD (Update to 2.45): [Translated by 「HiM」]

    Wise Video Downloader-Indonesian.zip


    *password (if needed): "dayat_lico"


    *updated of translation file

    *Sorry, if there are incorrect words in the translation

    *and sorry, for my bad english

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